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You've come a long way, Baby!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's been over a year since I've started blogging on Spark &, I must say, "You've come a long way, Baby!" Here's a list of a few accomplishments I've made since then: 1. Stress: I took a stress test based on the life events that were happening a year ago. As it turned out, my stress levels were through the roof. No wonder I didn't feel healthy. In my daily efforts to reduce & to cut stress out, I'm much more relaxed nowadays. It wasn't easy to draw the line on some of the stressors in my life, but I persisted & it was worth it. 2. Food: I've worked really hard at mindful eating. I no longer stuff my face while rushing through a meal (attributed to stress,) & I make much better food choices with cutting out most processed foods. I think out my portions before I put it on my plate & I focus more on eating foods that will fulfill my nutritional needs. I've even gotten a hold of my ice cream addiction. I used to have ice cream every day. This year, I think I've had two servings of ice cream all year long. (I've replace my ice cream cravings with natural smoothies or fruit or veggie salads.) 3. Self-esteem: Of course, with the massive changes & overcoming so much in the past year, my self-esteem has increased. Since I focused more on how my energy level increased, & not on the scale, my self-esteem isn't tied in to the numbers on the scale. That's a great contrast to how frustrating my weight loss efforts had been in all the years prior to Spark. I just feel so good about who I am, what I've accomplished, & where I'm headed. 4. Gratitude: It's been a rough year. None of it was easy. I actually hate pain. However, I'm grateful to have gone through it because it makes me really appreciate how far I've come. I feel stronger & more centered. I'm grateful for even the small strides that I make. I've found that, the more & more grateful I feel, the happier I am. 5. Activity: I've worked at being much more active than I'd been before. In doing so, I enjoy the outdoors much more & I don't get winded like I used to. Of course, it's helped me feel great! 6. Weight: I lost weight. I won't say the number, but, let's just say that I did. In doing so, I feel much better. My clothes fit better. I move much better. Now, I'm not to my goal weight, but I feel that, in getting a hold of all those other areas of my life, the weight loss is an added benefit. Overall, I've worked really hard to improve my life in the past year. I'm so glad that I chose to join Spark, to have benefitted from my associations with a whole bunch of friends who have similar goals, who cheer me on when I'm doing well & who encourage me when I'm struggling. I hope you, too are having an amazing day!
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