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ing Cleaning!!

Friday, March 31, 2017

So yesterday exhaustion finally hit me. I've not been able to sleep more than a few hours every night and yesterday I don't know how I made it to my appointment and errand running and I certainly don't know how I made it home safely. I told the kids to watch some TV (something they don't do often) and messaged my husband that I was done. I was too exhausted and I could not stay awake another minute...but I couldn't sleep. Oh the agony!! So I took something for sleep and went and laid down, DH came home to watch the kids and I slept all afternoon, only getting up every once in a while to drink a big glass of water (I'm also dehydrated). I slept for only a few hours at a time all afternoon and all night. And I got up at my usual 3 AM this morning, but kept on routine, drank some water and went back to bed. To get up at 4 AM. I couldn't fall asleep after that but it wasn't for lack of trying! I finally got up at 5 AM and has some coffee and just browsed the internet for a while and took my time with my coffee.

Now I'm on cup two of coffee and can tell I still need more sleep, but I'm doing better than I was! But, I was throwing up yesterday too, so I think I'm sick, or I ate something that didn't agree with me. I still feel pretty icky today.

I'm on a med or two that causes weight gain. I've gained back about 20+ pounds. I'm not telling DH that. I'm so upset about it. Part of it is that I've not been eating the greatest, but part of it is the meds I'm on that not only cause weight gain themselves, but also make me constantly hungry. I have no 'full meter' any more. I could just keep eating and eating without my brain or stomach telling me I'm full. I ate way too many Brussel sprouts one day and just about made myself sick!!! At least it was sprouts and not junk food! But I've got to get off of these meds, I don't care if they work, I don't want to gain any more weight!

I'm still feeling pretty icky and throwing up some, so no working out and nothing strenuous. I have to make DD a puppet, she is doing a puppet show in a little over a week and wants her puppet done NOW. We picked up the felt to make it yesterday and some pretty googly eyes with eyelashes yesterday.

Going thrifting (shopping at thrift stores) tomorrow at this one thrift store that has great clothes and great deals but is in the wrong side of town and I'm afraid to go on my own. Aunt G said she wanted to go with me, but when I told DH he said he would go with me to keep me from going with Aunt G. She is really toxic. I did not realize until the last time I was with her how she throws an insult into everything. My DD is not overweight, not even close, she has a slight pudge to her stomach because she is going through a growth spurt and as every Mom knows that slight amount of weight on her stomach will disappear once she's shot up an inch or two. She called my DD fat. Not straight out saying it, but in a way that it hurt her even more than if she had come straight out and called her fat. I'm not even going to go into how much she insulted me. And I don't think she realizes she's doing it. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and have a talk with her, when DH is home and send DDs outside. She can be really sweet, she needs friends. I'm the only family member that talks to her (she is my Aunt-in-law) and invites her to things. But she is so bad for me. If she can stop with the insults and barbs and such then we can hang out. If she can't.... I'll see her at the family functions she is invited to and that is it. I hate to do this, I know she is hurting, but that doesn't mean I can let her hurt me or my kiddos. emoticon

Anyway, THRIFTING!! I love it! Some people turn their noses at it, but I see it this way. I'm in constant transition on what size I am right now. I not going to pay full retail prices for a shirt or pants that won't fit me in a few months time. Same for my kiddos. They are both going through growth spurts right now. Why am I going to pay full price for a pair of shorts that won't fit them by the end of the month? I'm already paying so much for the tons of food they are eating!! Plus, it can be fun! We always buy at least one toy while we are out (which means one toy from home must be donated, I don't want a room full to bursting with toys!). So. Much. Fun.

Spring Cleaning!! Already rearranged the living room, or I should say DH did. Brought the TV from the entertainment area (1/2 of the bonus room is entertainment area, other half is DH's office) and all the game systems an such that go with it. Sadly my new table in my bedroom had to be used to put it on, but it looks really good where it is at. Next will be the kitchen, we are going to work on it today and get all the dishes caught up and rearrange the counter space. Next will be the bedrooms and DH's office. The computers are all downstairs on the dining room table (yikes!). This is going to make entertaining next weekend very difficult. We are having friends from NJ come visit us. I guess we better get the kitchen table cleaned off! I'm really looking forward to having all the spring cleaning done, especially the garage. We plan to put a pull up bar and punching bag in the garage and that will be SO nice!

That is what is going on in the Flea household today, I hope you and yours are doing well and happy Spring cleaning time! Do you do Spring cleaning? I didn't used to. But this year I am. I'm also for the first time ever, putting up my winter clothes, I always thought that was silly, but I really need to. And hopefully I will be too small to fit any of them by next winter!! How do you handle winter clothes?

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  • SILVER1369
    1198 days ago
    The girls at our house do the thrift shops. The guys won't. My older girls have done this since they were quite young. They would shop for clothing for costumes for making movies. Over time they realized they could have quite a wardrobe, too. You are so right about not buying brand new clothing during transitions!

    This is the first year I've done spring cleaning ever! We're getting the house in order quicker than I expected. Started on March 1st, so it's been a month now. Hopefully we will finish with the cleaning part before April ends. For the decluttering part I have the goal of by Thanksgiving!

    1199 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    You're always so busy! I hope you feel better soon and get your much needed rest. As for the winter clothes, I always pack them away and pull them back out in fall. Then I decide to keep or donate.
    1199 days ago
    Thank you for sharing
    1199 days ago
  • MARGIEB221
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1199 days ago
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