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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Yesterday night around 0200 I got the most awful 'headache'. Searing pain, the whole top half of my head hurt like mad, mostly on the right side. I took some tylenol and went and laid down on my bean bag to keep my head elevated. No sleep came. Again. It had lessened substantially by the time my therapy appointment came, so even in the pouring rain, I went. Had a good therapy session. But my headache was getting worse and I was having trouble focusing. I don't know if you watch the weather channel, but we had some doozies of storms yesterday.

Took some benadryl to make me sleep thinking if I just sleep the headache will go away. Didn't do a thing to me. I haven't been sleeping no matter what and it is driving me a little crazy. So we finally figure out it is a migraine, only it's not on the usual side I get migraines so that is why I didn't figure it out. My eyes when I got dizzy were like slot machines, couldn't focus on a thing and felt like they were just rolling around in my head. So DH looks up if I can take my migraine meds after taking Benadryl and guess what? I can't take it with the new medication I'm on. Gee, would have been nice if someone would have told me. The words "coma or death" were used. Scary. So I called my friend who is a nurse and she told me to call my pharmacist. She was like, no you most certainly can't take those together! I have to go see my actual MD, not my favorite NP, but my primary care physician since there have been so many changes to my meds. So what did the Pharmacist recommended? Excedrin Migraine, though with what I'm taking there are still some bad side effects that could happen, it was the least dangerous to take. That and caffeine. So I happily slurped some coffee and took some Excedrin. And it lessened the migraine. It's still there, But I was able to sleep my usual 3 hours last night, and it doesn't hurt anywhere near as bad. Just in case, I'm having more excedrin... and more coffee. Lots more coffee!!

So it's 0400 and I'm wide awake, no chance of more sleep so I'm not even going to bother laying down like I have been. This has gotten old. I can't sleep more than 4 hours at max, 2-3 is my usual. I'm not tired, though I will be later in the day, maybe. I'm running on the fumes from the fumes of the little sleep I get. And my p-doc won't address the elephant in the room: SLEEP! I'm trying to get in with another p-doc, but I can never get them on the phone. I've tried everything I can think of. Hot tea, baths, showers, soothing music, (I usually have a box fan going for background noise), nothing works. I have a med I take at night and it knocks me out for 2-3 hours, 4 hours max, and then I'm awake. Sorry to go on about it so, but when I run out of steam, I'm really face dragging, but even then I can't sleep. Makes me think of the song "Who Needs Sleep"

I have not been working out, I don't have enough energy to spare to do so. I tried, and it took all of my energy for the day, I was a useless lump for the rest of the day and I still didn't sleep. I did stay in bed longer than usual last night though. I dreamed of my deceased Mom and sister. It was a wonderful dream and I tried to cling to it. I woke up thinking I would call them and then reality came crashing back in. So I savored the dream and just laid there thinking of them. I miss them so much.

One of the dangers of me going without enough sleep is mania. And I think I've hit it. I'm on go-go-go mode. Before I got my migraine my youngest said to me: "Mommy you are an adult but have the energy of a kid and you are wearing me out!" Before the migraine hit I was definitely getting manic and I think I still am. That day I baked three things of banana nut muffins, banana pancakes, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen.... I was on a roll, and showed no sign of stopping till my DD said that and it made me slam on the brakes. I let them go rest in the living room with some TV and I sat and wrote an entry for my gofundme account. I can feel it this morning now that the migraine is calming down, the urge to get up and doing and moving. I've had this long enough that I can channel the energy that I get and not do too much stupid stuff. Instead I clean and rearrange furniture and organize. I still do stupid stuff. I have to stay off of Amazon or any other site where you can buy things because of course I need it and I need it now. *sigh* It's a juggling act when manic to stay focused on things that are good and productive and to stay away from crazy things that I will regret later. I'm pretty good at it, but I've had a long time to practice. I get chatty and my mental filter goes on the fritz and I sometimes say things I should not, so even though I want more people interaction, I need to stay away from it!

emoticon Okay, so off to clean the kitchen as quietly as possible so I don't wake the whole house. DH makes a huge mess whenever he cooks and he smoked a turkey yesterday. And make a huge mess in the kitchen. *sigh*

emoticon Oh! I've been making that chia seed pudding every day, little hint, use the coconut milk in the can, it makes it creamier. Or if you have to use the almond/coconut mix, use more chia seeds. Otherwise it is soupy and yucky. And definitely add an extra teaspoon of honey, makes all the difference in the world on flavor). I FINALLY got some juices and made the most AMAZING smoothie! I opened the capsules of Juice Plus that I have leftover from quitting taking it (did I mention I stopped taking Juice Plus? WAY too expensive!), but I have some leftover so I put it in the smoothie (just open the capsule, I've heard of lots of people doing it) and voila! You don't have to swallow a bunch of capsules, it is in your smoothie and you sneak nutrition to your kids!. You're welcome. Anyway it was pineapple juice and frozen peaches, mangos, strawberries and 1/2 a frozen banana. Best smoothie I have made. YUM! Just look up easy smoothie recipes on Pinterest and you get all kinds of ideas!

emoticon Sorry I was long winded today! Lots to say! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a GREAT Thirsty Thursday! Don't forget to hydrate!

I'm still in Spring Cleaning mode, are you? What part of the house are you working on? emoticon
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  • SILVER1369
    1192 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Feel better soon my friend! I haven't been sleeping well either. Have a Spark filled day and I hope you get some much needed rest.
    1193 days ago
    I get migraines too. Totally understand what you're going through with those. Things that help me are ice pack on the back of my neck, sugar free red bull w/ the Excedrin, and Nyquil severe night time version with a dark room for sleep. Good luck!
    1193 days ago
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