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04.11.17 Tuesday

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm finally back for another run at the BLOG. I am learning that commitment plays a huge roll in everything we do. If you want to change something in your life, it takes commitment. Commitment is driven by determination and that is driven by a desire to make a change. Even a small change seems to required commitment.

When I was younger, I learned about commitment. I loved to sing and my mother would dutifully take me to choir every Saturday morning. I do not remember ever having a feeling of not wanting to go. It was a dangerous 2 mile trip to walk, not so dangerous in a car, but I would have walked it if needed.

When I heard my mother talking to someone about my love to go to choir, and my commitment, I remember thinking, "What's commitment?" I asked her about that a few days later and found that I did have commitment, at least to choir. And discovered that I could have commitment to one thing but not everything. I also learned I was what I call an extremist. It has always seemed to be either in or out, nothing in between. I do not like being half-hearted at something and most of the time, I will say, "No thanks," rather than attempt to add another thing into my life because I know I am having problems juggling all the bricks now, don't add another one.

Sunday and Monday of this week, my husband and I fought with our computers to get into our vacation club web site in order to nail down our vacation plans for June. We actually had them nailed down, but something caused us to make changes and I won't go into that because I'm not going to throw anyone under the bus, but I was happy with what we had. Now, I'm not so sure. However, the web site had been under reconstruction since a merger took place. A merger I was not happy about, but had no control over that issue either.

But if you've ever been locked out of a website, on multiple counts, you understand my frustration, irritations, and anger about the entire merger and reconstruction of the web site. AT any rate, my husband spent the entire day at it, talking on the phone to the IT people, and then telling me about his experience over dinner that night. When I finally got to it, I had the same issues. NOTHING worked. NO ONE seemed capable of helping us.

Working in customer service, I knew I could tell them up front I was so frustrated I was ready to throw my computer out the window after first ripping it's guts out. The ultimate horror of any decent computer and good "IT Guy". So I asked for a supervisor, telling the person that had originally answered that I was not blaming him, but I had had it. Spending 24 hours with two people attempting to get into a web site that we had to use was beyond anything acceptable. He said he understood and passed me directly to a supervisor. After telling him that I was beyond frustrated and my desire to destroy my computer in an extremely vile way, I told him that I was not going to spend another hour fighting with their website and either he fix it so I was in, either changing my password to something the stupid website would take, telling me what that password was, and then letting me change it later or I was going to go legal because there was nothing left to do, and by-the-way, it isn't funny to make a computer not accept the passwords of the people paying for the website. He attempted to assure me that that was not the case, but I refuted that with the fact that I keep the best locked-up log book of passwords known to man. He took a different trail immediately, fix the password, gave it to me and I was instantly in. Without much of an apology to me, he hung up when I told him I was in, but only after I had closed out of it again and reentered it using that same password.

Don't tell me that someone did not fix that computer so not accept some or all of the passwords. Not being an IT person that works with the innards of computers, I don't know how they do it and I don't want to know that part of it. There's plenty of things I can do with programming a computer to do something, but stranger things in the world exist than the capability of fixing computer to not accept certain passwords or all passwords just to hack of the "rank and file" for some reason.

Live and learn, I will never spend another 24 hours trying to get onto a website again. And I thought I would pass this info along to my friends so they don't do it either. If, after 3 tries of getting your computer unlocked and only finding out that even that didn't work, go to the top of the heap and get a supervisor to override the system. I know they will tell you they can't do that, but the supervisor can and will do that. You just have to know what to tell them, such as the death threat you have on your computer because of their tinkering with the website you have to use. They all have a back door and will use it when needed. That's what it is for.

Live and learn. Not worth spending longer than an hour trying to get in.

Have a great day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHARON10002
    Now that's what I call Persistance & Commitment! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1419 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    When our middle daughter was graduating nursing school she wanted us to all go on a cruise together so she sat at her house on her computer and I was at my house doing the same. We DID manage to get the same ship on the same day and had a great time! Okay, everyone but Larry had a great time and most of that was because it was College Football bowl games week. Where ever you are travelling I hope you'll have a great time!
    1423 days ago
    OH my gosh. I can only imagine your level of frustration. I'd be there too. Glad it got resolved.
    1423 days ago
    I give people a short time to fix the problem and then ask for the supervisor. My time is valuable to me and I'm not going to waste an entire day. I'm glad things are fixed!
    1423 days ago
    June seems far off after that I bet! I once got locked out of my entire internet - thanks to Yahoo security system - for three weeks! I feel ya! I used to get that frustrated with my sewing machine. The tension would never set just right, I came bitterly close to pitching the whole thing through my picture window! Sorry for your woes. Life chugs on! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1423 days ago
  • SANDEN2006
    Frustrating 😤 is only the tip of the iceberg when dealing with this type of situation! I know, I have been there. Thanks for letting me know what to do next time. Glad you got it worked out. Hope you relaxed after all that. Enjoy your day!
    1423 days ago
    Yes, commitment is so very important.
    1424 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    What a nightmare! I'm glad you stood your ground. Being locked out of free websites is frustrating enough but if you are paying them for the privilege of using their site, they better darn well open that back door to get you in. I'm glad it ended well.

    1424 days ago
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