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Monday, April 17, 2017

Today is my 'someday'!!! Monday!!! I'm up early... Got up at 3AM, but tried to sleep and finally gave up at 4AM. Drinking a cup of coffee so I'm not face dragging, lol. I've got my clothes out, I just need to grab them and my shoes and get on the treadmill when I'm done. I'm going to wait till 5 or 5:30 AM to do that, don't want to wake the kids up too early (DH won't be able to hear a thing, his door is closed). But it is a school day so early is good, LOL.

I love this saying. I always manage to meet the weird people and I love it! It's the people who trample all over you that I don't like. My friend C keeps texting me and I keep ignoring. I'm waiting till I see my therapist on Wednesday to decide what to do. You don't just insult someone's husband. That is a friendship killer. That and along with everything else she's been doing that I've been letting slide. But, back to weird people. I always manage to meet the weird ones and I love it, I love interesting people, they make life more full I think. Plus they are just plain fun lol.

I'm much better at people online that I am in person, lol. Some of my SP friends are better friends than the ones I have here in GA. Love you guys!!!

This too shall pass. I'm going through a really hard time right now. And it feels like one thing after another is happening. Yet at the same time I feel bad for it. I'm trying now to 'dance in the rain.' Bad things will happen, anxiety and migraines and 3rd degree burns will happen, but that doesn't mean I have to let it get me down every time. Oh, sure it is hard, and okay to be down for a while, but not stay in that place. I'm still breathing and walking and talking, I need to by thankful and joyful for that. Someone posted a song that I just love, "every storm runs out of rain", love it! I keep thinking of that picture I posted yesterday:

I can't always be that happy, but darnit, I can try!

Today is my day one!! I'm starting back to working out and eating right. I think I've got it covered:

Breakfast: Protein shake (for now, slim fast till I can find one that goes good in a fruit smoothie!)

Snack: Apple or Lara bar

Lunch: 8 oz of fruit smoothie, roasted veggies or 'coles slaw bowl (see earlier post, or just ask!)'

Snack: veggies with hummus or veggies or some kind

Dinner (only meal with meat): measured portions of meat, veggies and fruit for a dessert

ALL portions will be measured at each meal. I LOVE roasted brussel sprouts and I tend to eat a LOT of them. Gotta portion them before I cook them (they don't keep well and end up smelling like old farts, so don't keep the leftovers!!) I've not been portioning at all, especially veggies, thinking, it's a veggies, right? I can eat as much as I want! And you don't want to know how much of that fruit smoothie I've been having... I'm going to end up feeling hungry because I'm not going to be eating as much. I'm going to drink a lot of water (I'm dehydrated anyway) and powerade if I'm feeling really dehydrated and tired of water. Maybe some lemon water (no sugar), I've heard it's really good for you.

I'm hoping to get a Vitamix for my birthday next week, so I can just put the whole veggie in and not bother with juicing. I love juicing, but on a diabetes email I get, it pointed out that you get all of the sugar and none of the fiber to help break it down, so your blood sugar spikes. Didn't think about that before. A friend says the Vitamix even breaks down the seeds on the strawberries. Wow. I'm going to try my favorite juice recipe in it first and see if it tastes as good.

Can't wait! I'm getting a refurbished one, as it costs a LOT less than a new one, and comes with a guarantee as well.

I've been fighting, time to try embracing. Being open and honest and real about the things that are going on in my life isn't easy. Especially coming out on social media with my GoFundMe account and letting people know that I have PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, etc., But I'm tired of hiding it constantly. And people are being more understanding... well most people. Some people I've stopped hearing from. And that is okay, those are the people I probably don't want in my life anyway. It hurts, yes, but it lets you know who else is real and open and honest and who is willing to look past your faults and pain and see the real you.

I'll end on that note. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great Monday!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1082 days ago
    I love the quote about doing strange things. The older I get, the younger I seem to want to act. My girls just roll their eyes at me. This year didn't seem to get off to a good start for me, too. I'm now tuckered out of giving and doing and stressing for others. I planned a get-away with the boyfriend this weekend and I'm not sure my girls fully realized I won't be here to take over like I always do with my granddaughter.

    If a "friend" criticizes your husband to your face, what is she saying behind your back? I learned the hard way to walk away from toxic people.

    1082 days ago
    You need to talk to C, And I imagine that's what the counselor will say as well. They are all about expressing your feelings after all 😏
    1083 days ago
    I agree - tell your friend C where she crossed the line and how much it hurt your feelings. Then see what she does. She may not realize what she did and be TRULY sorry or she may not. At least you will know what you are dealing with. Good luck!
    1083 days ago
    You won't get anywhere with that "friend" unless you speak your mind!
    1083 days ago
    I love this! Made me smile!!! Thank you!!!!!
    1083 days ago
  • AK1961
    1083 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1083 days ago
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