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My Journey- Teenage years cont.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Last time I took you through junior high now we go to high school. Yet a totally new ball game of life. For the most part I enjoyed high school except some of my classes but I'm still a girl so there are still high and lows of those four years as well. I got a fresh start at making new friends, I joined the choir and I worked in the cafeteria. Generally speaking I didn't have the social issues I had in junior high so that helped to make my life a little easier. However, I'm still an overweight girl and struggled when it came to running a mile. In fact I never once ran it I always walked. The good thing is that for the first two years I was required to do PE so I naturally got more physical activity this way. I also discovered that while doing this my freshman year I loved doing aerobics (especially step). Even with being overweight I never used it as an excuse to not be able to participate. In fact I found out after I graduated that my freshman teacher advocated on my behalf to not have me put in the special education PE classes due to my weight cause she knew I always gave it my best. I also started walking home taking a different bus than the one that always dropped off the closest as the time went by. My sophomore year PE was first period so due to a more rainy year comparatively for us first period often got stuck doing PE in the gym. Now at that time we were given the option to just hang out or play basketball. I chose basketball and for being a short kid I actually started getting pretty good and I realized that I liked it too! The unfortunate thing is that after the first two years it was no longer required so now I didn't have the forced time to workout. I still did stuff at home but not consistently. Along with movement now comes the eating factor. I now have access to free lunch with much tastier options than in junior high but most were not healthy. I could choose to get a free breakfast or snack and I got free lunch. Many times if I got breakfast it was a burrito. Yum! But lots of carbs. Lunches well most of them were served with French fries (yikes) but having worked in there I sometimes had the opportunity to save myself a salad. I also had access to the teachers lounge and was often allowed to get food from there. Sometimes it helped me to make a healthier option but not always. Now I hit the time in my life where I'm really interested in guys. This is where I struggled most emotionally. I started at times not to eat lunch thinking it'll help me lose weight. Then other times I'd eat cause I was depressed and didn't think anyone would ever think I'm worth dating. I did have one boyfriend for a short period of time but then I found out he was the type that just wanted to try to get in your pants so I broke it off with him. (I don't think he had that happen for often cause he was two years older than me and after he graduated I saw him come by the school and gave me an attitude of respect.) During these years there was also a young man at my church whom I really had a crush on but we were only friends. He was six years older than me and I was great friends with his family too. He was always encouraging me to take care of myself, exercise and eat right. I often took what he said close to heart because of my underlying feelings for him. (But he also genuinely cared about me as a person and friend.) During this period of time at one point I was trying really hard to lose the weight. I was working out 4 hours a day and trying to eat healthier. So in 30 days I lost 30lbs. But, this too didn't last forever. I couldn't keep up the pace of that many hours of working out plus doing homework with attending school all day. As you can imagine my first two years I stayed pretty much in the same range with some yo-yo ups and downs but the last two years of high school I steadily climbed up in weight. I no longer found much reason to workout the way I was although I didn't stop completely but I wasn't consistent either. After graduating high school I started attending a local junior college where I continued to not exercise and make many wrong choices in my diet. Then at 19 years of age when my Mom died I suddenly had no reason to eat healthy hardly at all. I almost always ate till I was over full and often ate fried foods or Mexican food. I started drinking more calories cause now I had access to a coffee cart and I even often started drinking sugary soda. I would often choose bags of candy that weren't small and eat the whole package that really should have 2 or 3 servings in some cases maybe even more. Now the weight studily climbs higher and higher.
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    So sorry for your loss. So glad you are here. emoticon
    897 days ago
    I love reading your story. I remember your first post. In high school I barely participated in pe. I never ran the mile I always walked and I used to avoid doing as much as possible. I was embarrassed of struggling in front of my peers. Major kudos!
    900 days ago
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