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Dear Friend

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Found this on another site even though I didn't write this I had to share.

Dear Friend,

I heard that you were struggling with your weight loss journey, and that you might be thinking about giving it up. I do understand why you might want to do that, but if you wouldn't mind I would like to add a few thoughts because I care about you.

Controlling your weight is a difficult thing. When you struggle in life, your body sends your mind false messages, telling it that you need food when you really need love, peace, a quiet walk by a stream, or a happy conversation with a friend.

Eating starts off wonderfully, that explosion of flavor when your stomach has been clamoring for food, especially something with lots of calories. But in the end there is the scale, that over-full feeling, and more letting out of the belt or moving to a larger size of clothes.

Giving up is easy, especially when things are hard to manage. But giving up is also hard. You have to face the results day after day and then you have nowhere to turn except to return to the struggle.

As your friend I don't want to preach to you; I am a fellow struggler and not qualified for the food pulpit. No, I just want you to know that it matters what you do, that you matter to me. I know that it isn't easy, and I know you want to be successful. I also want you to know that I want you to be happy!

Struggle is never easy, whether it is the struggle of a young bird trying to break out of his shell so he can meet his mother for the first time, or a commuter fighting to make it to work on time. Life is a struggle and it always will be. but you are worth the struggle! Is there anything more wonderful than watching that bird break out of his shell? He is fighting for life and it makes us feel happy to see that spirit within that little creature's heart.

How much more wonderful is it to see a dear friend refuse to give up and to struggle for health and a worthwhile goal?

It would be wonderful if I could make this an easy path for you to walk. I would do that in a minute if I could. But in this universe, in this reality, that is not possible. But I can tell you that you are not alone, and that it matters that you are fighting for your health and your happiness. Far more than any bird, your efforts have cheered my heart-not because they were hard or painful efforts...just the opposite-but because they represent your desire to be happy and your willingness to fight for life. The little bird is going to be successful, and the shell will not keep him locked up. Neither will you be stopped by the challenges before you!

My friend, your successes touch many others, and they touch me. Your struggle is my struggle and when you do well, it cheers my soul. When you fall, my heart watches in agony for you, hoping and wishing that you will soon get up and return to the sky on your beautiful wings.

I don't have all the answers to make your journey simple, but I do have a hand to reach out to you in friendship, whether to celebrate a success, or to help lift your spirit when you are down.

Life is good if you believe it is good-don't we always believe it is good for that little struggling bird?

I believe that life is very special for you, and I am pulling for you, rooting for you, to struggle and to succeed-I believe in you my friend, and I know you will be successful, if not this very day, then soon, on another near and bright day.

Your friend, and fellow struggler,
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