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Bringing this month to a close/June Goals

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Today is the last day of May and I have to say this was a transitional month for me, so even though I only lost 2 pounds, I'm not upset with this month. Let me explain.

February was a dreary month for me and I ended up in the hospital for 8 days for mental health reasons. When I got out things started to go wrong. I had one great week and then suddenly I could not sleep. I slept 1-2 hours every night. I could sometimes nap for an hour during the day, but most of the time not. One medical issue after another came up including migraines whenever I worked out or did any kind of physical activity.

May started the easing of this, I began to get 2-4 hours of sleep, my migraines were less frequent, I could work out some and I discovered a supplement that has really helped me. The supplement has a lot of B12 in it as well as other vitamins, minerals and herbs, it is all natural and doesn't interact badly with the medications I'm on. I have energy during the day instead of feeling like a zombie and my sleep meds are finally starting to work. I still don't sleep a whole night, I get up frequently, but I'm getting more sleep than I did. I even slept a whole night one night. Now I only discovered this supplement halfway through the month, so I've only been on it 14 days, this is by no means meaning it is a success, I'm doing what they call an 8 week 'experience', meaning I'm trying it for 8 weeks to see how it does for me. If you are interested in knowing more PM me, I've written enough about it in my blogs I feel like that is all my blogs are about nowadays. I don't sell it, I'm not promoting it, it is just something that, so far, works for me.

I did ask DH what he thought about the supplement. And he said "I like you. And anything that helps you be more you, I like too. This helps you be more of your usual bouncy self so far, so I like it, so far." Isn't he just the sweetest?

So may was a hard month but also a good month. I've had my failures and setbacks. I binge ate a few times. I've discovered that I can no longer drink coffee, especially lattes. This has made me sad. I got a sugar free latte today and it was pretty tasty but still made me feel blah. I can't eat sugary anything. I had a nutter butter (or three) and I felt like I had caught the flu. I ended up in bed - I probably should have been on the treadmill getting my blood sugar down. I can't eat too much food, meaning I can't overeat or I lose all my energy. I lose all my steam. I had a cheat day where we smoked some chickens and I made homemade bread and got some good cream havarti and just yum! I overate, and I paid for it. Not only on the scale, but I felt like crap for the rest of the day.

But I learned some lessons and I have a place to start. My blood sugar shot up and I caught it for the first time being that high. It totally freaked me out. I worked out to bring it down instead of going to the ER (it was the middle of the night) But that got me thinking about carbs and sugar and how I have to face that I'm diabetic and I need to change what I'm doing. It made DH realize the same thing, he made me some amazing carb free stuffed tomatoes. Well, not completely carb free, but mostly.

So here is what I'm going to do for June that I think is going to make a difference:

emoticon Take my supplements/vitamins/meds every day on time
emoticon Use the nutrition tracker. Plan and track every bite, every lick, every calorie and carb
emoticon emoticon Breakfast is the supplement shake with frozen strawberries and bananas with almond milk
emoticon Lunch is a Glucerna meal replacement size shake (or dinner if plans are made for lunch)
emoticon Snack is carrots with hummus/ snack size Glucerna shake/ Glucerna snack bars or an apple if I can have the extra carbs.
emoticon Work out every day for at least 10 minutes. Goal is to work up to working out for an hour
emoticon Start core 30 day challenge. Doc said my core is not strong enough and I really need to work on it.
emoticon Start arms 30 day challenge, I want my arms to be as strong as they used to be! And look as beautiful!
emoticon Declutter, clean, or pack some every day
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Diabetes is a challenge. I have said it before, but managing it is more like an art instead of a science. My readings are lower the past month than they have been in the past year. My tools: Hydration, balancing meals for steady carbs through out the day, exercise- even 10 minutes. Eating whole foods, no ingredients I can't pronounce, no artificial sweeteners, and a protein snack before bed time.

    Your hubby is a jewel! You are blessed!

    Keep it up, you are doing well! Thanks for your post! emoticon emoticon
    994 days ago
    You have been learning a lot and making a lot of progress. Thanks for sharing everything.

    994 days ago
    Be careful of those Glucerna meal replacements because they do contain allot of sugar in. The last time I read one is when my late husband used them for his meals because he could not eat much with all the sores that he had in his mouth from chemo.
    994 days ago
  • JOANN25
    Great blog. Keep up the good work.
    994 days ago
  • LOULOU1709
    This is Awesome blog! I have diabetes, I would like to know the meds/herbs you took.
    994 days ago
    Lucky to have such a great companion
    994 days ago
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