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Sunday, June 04, 2017

emoticon I did GREAT eating yesterday. Then I had TWO peanut butter jelly sandwiches in the middle of the night. Not cool. I was not thinking, obviously. Or rather, I was thinking only with my sweet tooth and not with my head. I simply HAD to get out of bed because I had a horrible nightmare I kept getting sucked back into every time I fell back asleep. I had already made a rule about not eating at night, but I did it anyway. I know sometimes, because of the nightmares I have to get out of bed, but I'm not thinking straight when I do, so I often eat because I'm an emotional eater. What can I do, other than duct tape the pantry shut?? I must be more mindful because it really sucks to do so well during the day to ruin it in the middle of the night.

It was so sunshiny yesterday and so cloudy today emoticon definitely going to rain today, and calling for thunderstorms tomorrow. DD was asking if we could go to the pool. Um, not without the sun shining!!

Budget is really tight this payday, had a few things come up, and had to pay for DD to go to camp, so we are going to struggle to make it till next payday.

With the budget being tight, I almost didn't want to ask, but I'm going to run out of my Thrive before next payday, and I hate to go even a day without it forget going a whole week without it (they have been slow with mailing so far) So I talked to DH and he said 'do it.' As in go ahead and buy it. Apparently it makes that much difference in my mood that he notices and wants me to stay on it. He says, "anything that helps you be more you." I'm more my bubbly self because I have the energy to be. I do more, I smile more, I'm just more me. And I love it. So, tightening the budget some. DH said he would eat PBJ's if he had to so that I could have the Thrive. He's so sweet!!

I'm getting way more done than I used to. Yesterday we cleaned the kitchen and the living room (again, when are the girls going to learn to pick up after themselves?!). But we also went through all their experiment and DIY sets (kitchen experiments, make your own: soap, lip gloss, spa, beads...) and tossed what we needed to. We went ahead and made the fairy gardens and set them up by the window and painted all the ceramics. Can't wait to watch it grow! Today I have a long laundry list of small-ish projects to get done and I'm sure I can get all of them done as long as I focus. When I say small... I mean the small closet by the door, and the 1/2 guest bath, vacuuming, going back over youngest DD's room (it was cleaned and decluttered last week), the upstairs hallway, laundry, and working on oldest DD's room. Plus a few more things. No, I don't think that is too much. I plan on spreading it out over the day and taking my time, if I don't get it all done, there is always tomorrow. I'm not going to push too hard, I'm just making lists of things that need to get done and if I get it done today that is great, if it has to wait till tomorrow that is fine too.

We are leaving our K-cups behind to go back to a regular drip coffee maker. I don't know what changed DH's mind, he is the one that got the k-cups. I think it is funny that he is doing it now that I'm trying to quit coffee. I won't be making a pot every morning, because I'm trying to quit drinking it in the morning altogether. I think it is more cost effective to buy regular brew because the k-cups are expensive. And I like the coffees, but like I said I'm trying to quit coffee, it's going to be a once in awhile type thing for me. I wanted to get an espresso machine, but the problem is I would drink it. Yes, that is a problem because I would make lattes and I use a lot of sugar for them. So, regular drip coffee maker with a carafe to keep the coffee warm instead of a hot plate.

I'm off to work out and then start cleaning. Who knows, with this thunderstorm brewing I may even go back to bed!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon — "when are the girls going to learn to pick up after themselves?!"

    I like the idea of fairy gardens. Did you buy Creativity for Kids kits or something else?
    1033 days ago
    Glad things are going so well for you. You sound very energetic and positive. Great !!!!
    1033 days ago
    I love my Keurig, but I bought a carrier so I don't have to use the K-cups. Just put regular coffee in the carrier and brew away.

    Have fun with your projects, they sound like a lot of fun!
    1034 days ago
    The one kitchen appliance we can't do without is the Keurig. We still have the drip coffee maker with carafe but we never use it. This way we get a fresh, perfect coffee when we want it. We have different schedules so we rarely drink coffee at the same time. I only buy the K-cups when they are 50 cents each or less so I think it is a good deal. I use the fat free creamer so it works in my calories for the day. Best wishes!
    1034 days ago
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