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Day 33/Beginning

Monday, June 19, 2017

Okay, I can do this. Just breathe.

I've decided that, no matter how much or how little sleep I get, I should work out for 10 minutes every day, just like Spark Guy says. I may have to go really slow some days, but I will not give up. No working out in the middle of the night unless bringing my blood sugar down. Which I will check at the end of this blog.

And, I will do my strength training every day, especially core. Again no matter what kind of sleep I got, I will do them. I don't mean a 3 minute arm/abbs challenge, I mean a workout video on SP. I love my arm and abs challenge, and will continue it now, but I need better strength training. Especially my core, I will do core at least 3 times a week. My core is very weak and that is what my Dr. wanted me to work on. I will come up with a routine on my other blog crouchingflea.com and follow that.

I thought about doing a countdown or another 100 days, but I'm already counting up with Thrive.... I'm just going to start. Besides, I don't mean to only do this for 100 days, I mean to do this for life.

I actually slept till now! That is like...3 solid hours!!! WooHoo! I'm so excited to see if, when I wind down a bit, if I actually fall asleep again! I only woke up because DH woke me up to tell me I was snoring... okay, I woke myself up snoring and then he talked to me and that really woke me up, LOL.

So I guess I'm starting off at day 1, back to the beginning. So here are some things I want to follow, I'll put the exercises and what days and routines I'm going to follow on my other blog, it's easier to find a I want on there and it's easier to put in websites so I can use it to go to the workouts I choose:

emoticon Nothing to drink but water, and fruit/veggie infused water. I may have one caffeinated drink a day while I'm weaning myself off of coffee and iced tea, but must use Splenda to sweeten the coffee (tea is unsweet).

emoticon I'm eliminating sugar. Things like DH sweet BBQ sauce I'll go ahead and eat, small portions of. But no more sugar in my coffee, no more pastries. I may have them every now and then. LIke the rare occasions we go out to the place that serves bread pudding. But that is it. Because if I eat sugar I will crave sugar and that leads to binges. I'm not eliminating it completely out of my diet, I'm saving it for special occasions and really good food.

emoticon No napping no matter how tired I am. This is messing up my internal clock and I need to sleep at night, not in the middle of the evening. Not even on the weekend. No excuses.

emoticon Eat slowly. I'm not in Basic Training any more, I don't need to scarf down my food. Eat slowly and deliberately. Put my shake down, put my fork down, take a minute between bites. And if I want seconds, drink some water and wait 5-10 minutes, usually I'm not really hungry, my food just has not settled.

emoticon Stick to my meal plan. If I'm hungry at 2 PM (1400) then maybe I need to have a small snack around that time. I should get out my food log and see what I can work in. Most days I don't get enough calories, I eat really low cal foods, so it should be easy. Absolutely no eating and then logging it after the fact. I have the tracker on my laptop and my phone, no excuses!

emoticon Keep up with my Spark Friends and with my Spark Teams as best I can. I have some wonderful friends on here and I am on some great teams.

That is all I can think of right now at 0137. My blood sugar was a tad high, but nothing to worry about.

Thanks for stopping by!
What kind of rules do you have for yourself? Do you have any?
If you only got about 3 hours of sleep a night, would you still work out?

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