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New Goal, New Thinking, New Attitude

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Not this time. I'm not going to quit. I'm not going to overdo it. One of my biggest problems, when it comes to weight loss, I think, is that I still think of me as fit. So I overdo it, then quit when I can't do it. So, as I wrote this early AM, I'm beginning over, but with a new attitude, way of thinking and goal.

Goal: 228 = 30 pounds
Goal Date: October 3rd

How I'm going to get there/My new way of thinking/new attitude toward weight loss and working out:

emoticon Realize that I am not currently fit so I cannot do certain things, but there are things I can do, and I should do them in small steps and modify what I can!
emoticon For the next month do cardio at least 10 minutes a day. I can do several 10 minutes a day, but don't over do it. Just stick to 10 minutes at a time and start out this week just doing one 10 minute session. Next month (in 30 days) bump it up to 20 minutes
emoticon Strength train every day but Sunday, and even then stretch. I've got a post on my other blog of days of the week and what videos I'm doing. Core 3 days a week, arms, legs and pilates/yoga/stretching on Saturday. Don't be stubborn, use modifications, and pause when needed, the videos are only 10 minutes long or less. I can do this. emoticon Stretch after every workout. The videos have stretching, but I need to remember to stretch after my cardio, even if it is only for 10 minutes.
emoticon Eat on time, eat enough while not overeating. Track everything before eating it. Try to plan the day's meals first thing in the morning or even the day before. (DH's new goal of not eating out will help with that!)
emoticon Have free days where I can (not go crazy) have things I miss having (other than sweets)
emoticon Thrive 1-2-3 step every day on time
emoticon Lemon water is amazing, especially ice cold! Use it to help me get my water intake up and drink the full 8 glasses + every day
emoticon Stay active on Spark!

Thinking of myself as a fit person has been my downfall. I think I should be able to do it and I quit when either I overdo it or I can't do it or it doesn't happen soon enough. So, I set my goal to 2 pounds a week and SP says October 3rd, so that is what I will shoot for. I'm setting reasonable goals, and rethinking how I should be doing things. My new attitude is to modify, modify, modify and pause!! I'm carrying around enough weight for a whole other me, so I can't expect myself to be able to do things the way I could when I was under 130 (did I mention that I'm short? lol)

Now if I can just keep from overdoing it and keep on track, working out every morning, no excuses. I can't delay and say i'll do it that evening, because I won't. I'll just keep procrastinating. So none of that. Right away is the right way.

This blog may be a little redundant from the one I wrote in the middle of the night, but I needed to write it down and make it concrete! - I will write in more detail on Crouchingflea.com because I need to work out a few things with details.
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