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Bad/Good Day Action Plan/ The Workout Action Plan

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good Morning Sparkers!

So I totally had the worst day yesterday. I've been running on fumes as far as sleep goes, but at least been getting a few hours per night... yesterday night I got none. I was so tired all day I could not bring myself to work out or do much. I felt sick, I was so tired.

So Action Plan, yeah, can't tell I was in the military at all, can you? LOL

So I decided I needed a bad/good day action plan, because I'm hoping this new med will work and I'll at least get a few hours of sleep a night, and I can't skip a day of working out! If I'm going to reach my goal, I need to at least try to get some walking in, even on bad days. You know what my steps were yesterday? A very sad 1059. Now I know, I need to take down days and take care of myself. Trust me, I've been down enough. But I'm not just talking about days I get no sleep, what if I wake up in a grump or in slo-mo? Wrong side of the bed and all that? I need a plan to get me up and going so that I won't sit on my rump and stew all day, I'll get up and get moving.

Bad Day Action Plan:
emoticon This is going to sound awful to you night owls, but I've discovered that, like it or not, I'm a morning bird. If I sleep past 6 AM, I am frumpy till I wake up all the way, which takes a while on those mornings. So set my alarm for 6 and get my butt out of bed. My mood will thank me, even on nights I don't get much sleep.
emoticon No coffee. That may seem counterintuitive, but hear me out. I am diabetic and add sugar to my coffee. Sugar makes me feel horrible, therefore so does the coffee. So no coffee. Drink some...
emoticon Lemon water. I love this stuff thank you so much guys for recommending it! It is crisp and refreshing without being too sour, wakes me right up.
emoticon Eat an apple. It has been proven that a nice crunchy apple wakes you up better than coffee. My favorite is Honey Crisp and Jazz apples and I try to keep enough for a week on hand at all times.
emoticon Get dressed to lace up shoes. No one feels like working out in their pajamas (or maybe that is just me, lol).
emoticon Get on the treadmill anyway. Sometimes just getting moving helps my blood to get flowing and me to start waking up and wanting to work out, even when I'm super grumpy or tired.
emoticon Write out 10 reasons to work out, and my reasons not to work out. A pros and cons and see which one wins. You know what, maybe it is one of those days I need to take a break and take care of me, see how much sleep I got, how I'm really feeling, do I need to be working out?

Regular Day Action Plan:
emoticon Get up at the latest at 6, no earlier than 5. I wake up super early some days starting at 3 AM or earlier. Don't let myself get convinced that I can make it through the day with it starting at 3 AM. Keep trying to sleep till at least 5 if possible.
emoticon No coffee. No matter how good an idea it sounds like at the time, it is not a good idea for me. No coffee till evening, if I'm having a cup while chatting with DH. emoticon Get dressed to shoes right away. Have my outfit for working out picked out and put out the night before so I don't have to fumble around in the dark to get to it. emoticon Take all my supplements and meds first. That way I don't forget to take them. Let my stomach settle so all that water and stuff isn't sloshing around in my tummy as I walk, lol.
emoticon Get on the treadmill and start going slow, warm up and slowly bump up the speed so I get a full warm up in and don't hurt anything
emoticon Don't think about it or stop, just grab the laptop and get my day's strength training video up and running
emoticon Stretch!

Workout Action Plan:
My workout plan really will vary depending on how my day is set to go. If I'm not going anywhere I'll be in workout clothes all day long. If I'm going somewhere, it depends on how long it will take whether I workout once, twice or thrice.

emoticon Busy Day. These are the days where I'm going to be going all day long with no chance for an extra workout. Get my workout in early and try to get up early enough to get a longer cardio workout in as well as my strength training. Plan some cool down time because I tend to keep sweating for a while after I stop working out!

emoticon Somewhat Busy Day. These are days I can only fit in two workouts a day. One before breakfast and one before dinner. Plan for slightly longer workouts than normal. And think ahead, am I going to be too tired to do my 2nd workout? Or will I just have to push and maybe set a reminder on my phone?

emoticon Not Busy (outside of the home type busy) Day. I may still be busy, but at home, If I dress in workout clothes and dress to lace up shoes, I can probably get a workout in all three times a day. Do my strength training in the morning, don't fool myself into thinking I'll feel like it later, I won't, lol.

emoticon Packing/Moving Days. If I have the treadmill up and where it can be used, work out for as long as is feasible in the morning. Do my morning strength training when I'm at a place that has working internet (one house or the other will, hopefully). May go a week without internet, hopefully not. May have to do without working out on main moving days, but my thinking is that I will probably be moving and lifting and get enough of a workout in those days anyway.

There is more I need to work out, but I think I need to put actual pen to paper (aka write it out on Word) so that I can have something that I can print and see in the mornings to motivate me and remind me on moving days what the plan is.

Now I don't want you to think that I'm not going to have down days for days I'm actually sick, or didn't get enough sleep. I will take those days off. I'm not going to run myself down. I just want a plan for those days when I don't feel like it but need to anyway. I like having plans in place... can you tell? emoticon

Hope you have a great Saturday and get some ME TIME in today!

Today DH is smoking two beef roasts and we will be roasting some potatoes and carrots and having some homemade bread if I can make it in time!
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  • SILVER1369
    emoticon plans!! You have this and emoticon emoticon
    1010 days ago
    Great plans! I'm going to follow your lead and make a nice couple of lists for myself as well. I love my to-do lists - mostly just checking things off of them. emoticon

    Have a great weekend!
    1010 days ago
    Have a great day!
    1010 days ago
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