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Saturday, July 15, 2017

My goodness I didn't realize it has been since April since my last blog. Tine to catch up .
April found me doing much better after having total knee replacement in February. Walking very well by myself without a walker or cane. They had told me when I went for my six week check up they wanted to see me using a cane. I did one better, nothing but my own two legs walked me into the clinic that day. I worked myself hard in Physical therapy since the doctor told me some patients who have had a partial first, don't do as well as those who have a total knee replacement to start. I vowed that would not be me. So by three weeks I bent my know to the degree of the other knee and could also straighten the knee straight out. April I was back into the pool only doing water walking---but how thrilled I was being back for afternoon women's swimming get together.
May was getting more involved with water exercise, getting ready to prepare for a ;omg drive back to Minnesota to see family and friends.
The trip that should have been in August goy bumped up to June. Yes I was apprehensive at first--thought it may not be in my best interest been though it had been four months from surgery. The change was do since my husband was scheduled for an ultra sound on his left corroded artery in July, and since it is 97 % blocked since last year he thinks surgery will be scheduled once he sees his doctor a week from this Monday coming up--and no traveling in August if that takes place.
So off we went, yes by evening each night my new leg was ready for a rest, and was bothering me. Now of course we drove 700 miles the first day--that was almost half way.
We left on Thursday bight and early, we arrived at our DD home Saturday evening.
We had a wonderful vacation with our family. Our granddaughter turned Sweet Sixteen three days after we arrived, that was fun being there for that milestone in her life. She also had started her first job that week too.
I enjoyed going to northern Minnesota to visit my twin sister, her husband and their family, including a high school graduation for one of their granddaughters. Sis and I have always been close, and since we moved to Texas we can't just go up anytime like when only 200 miles away as before.
We did get exercise in, but honesty, not like when we are at our home. We did some good walking the day we went to the river town about 45 minutes away from the twin cities. Up and down some high hills and it was really hot that day. We had a nice lunch at a outdoor restaurant, near the river---nice time. We ended the day with a sea food fest meal back in the twin cities area
Now for the happiest part of my vacation---I gained only a few ounces of weight during that trip yippy however; during the month before my surgery and the initial beginning of recovery I did put weight on and it has remained on---but so thrilled only a few ounces for a month long vacation. Now that we are home I have been going to the outdoor pool almost every day ( rain keeps me away), and have started the video Walking Away the pounds. I am doing the first section, as it is about what my knee will let me do at this beginning point.
So there you have what I have been up to since April--hoping to do a blog much sooner, so it can be much shorter. next time.
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