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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Unfortunately, I do not know where to begin as I reflect on this health and fitness journey. I never imagined that I would still be at pursuing what I believe is the best satisfaction anyone could have because you have done all the work yourself.

Not sure if anyone has followed by journey since I've started. Long story short, I started December 2015 in being consistent and never stopped whether I had support or not. I lost the weight and inches by doing a modified diet, which consisted of having 2-3 protein shakes throughout the day, 2-3 snacks (included 1oz chips, etc). I never once deprived myself of things I enjoyed to eat otherwise I would have failed. If I wanted pizza or chinese food, I simply ate it. I just made sure that I monitored my daily calorie intake to stay on course.

As for exercise, I started out walking because I couldn't do anything else nor did have the energy. As my body became accustomed, I started to switch from walking to doing a light jog. This would be 5 minutes of walking followed by 5 minutes of jogging. Eventually, the minutes would increase and believe it or not, I had it up to 60 minutes. In addition, I started doing weight training in January of 2017. I minimized weight training because I didn't want to gain weight which I did. I'm currently focusing on cardio and back to weight training in August as I only have between 10-15 LBs to lose. The last few pounds DO NOT want to come off.

Trying to lose weight can be difficult if you are not motivated and you don't have the necessary support system at home, work, etc. There were several reasons for my "WHY" to losing weight. My BMI was about a 36 (much higher), my ankles started to swell (both feet), I was always tired and no energy, the desire to have sex decreased. The list goes on and on ... BELIEVE ME! However, I want you to know you can do whatever it is that you need to do! Begin to ask yourself why you need to LOSE WEIGHT. When your "WHY" is greater than the excuses, you will start to make changes. Feel free to ask any questions! I am truly loving my journey ... the ups and downs. Every sweat and tear along the way has been worth it!

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