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Finally Working Out Again

Monday, August 07, 2017

I've finally made the transition from considering walking a workout to actually doing workouts like I've been missing for the past 8 months. I've gone to a couple cross-fit ST type classes, been out riding bicycle on hilly (paved) trails, and have met a friend for a stairs workout as well.

Of course, as out of shape as I've gotten, it's a bit interesting to see how my body responds, but it apparently hasn't been so long that it's forgotten everything. There are still some imbalance issues - doing the stairs, for example, I noticed that my good leg was getting exhausted while my "bad" leg was doing just fine. Hmmmm. Adjusted how I was taking the stairs since I didn't FEEL like I was favoring one over the other - so instead let the good leg go up one step and made the bad leg go two at once for the last half of my stair-trips (living near San Francisco there are plenty of opportunities to find long flights of stairs down a hill LOL).

Of course, I'm a bit sore. Muscles that haven't had to work too hard are in a bit of protest, but I feel like it'll come back a lot faster this time around than it did a couple years ago when I decided to get back on the fitness train.

Feels good to be back at it. Was pleasantly surprised to realize I could do jumping jacks (wasn't sure if the bad leg would support jumping/hopping even like that).

Hardware removal is currently scheduled for Sept 26. My ortho doesn't believe that should lay me up any longer than it takes the incision to heal. I think the biggest possibility for problems is if the infection has caused more damage than is currently believed, as it SEEMS to be suppressed for the time being. Not holding my breath on that one - I would get the hardware out sooner, but there weren't any opening that worked with my schedule - neither the ortho nor the ID doc seem to think that waiting at this point is an issue, so another month and I'll find out where we're at. In a few months will have an idea of if this is going to be a major issue, or just something to worry about in the back of my mind (any non-acute osteomyelitis - bone infection - results in something you have to be concerned with for the rest of your life).
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