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Down a Size!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

So flippin happy I went down emoticon a size:::....here as I find myself on a "scale plateau"...:::what a nice surprise!

Recently, I began to have what looked like a heat rash ...:::no surprise here in this heat here in Texas. Still though....I usually don't get rashes. At first I thought it might just be how persistent I was in walking/running outdoors in the HEAT. But when my digestion became mildly uncomfortable, and a few mild headaches (and I don't get headaches) later​​, I looked closer at my diet. I do eat generally healthy; however, I traded some of my usual simple carb choices for healthier complex carbs. I eliminated sweets in general, and upped my lean protein daily amount.

All in all, my body has been responding well....slowly, but slow is good. With a couple of other symptoms pointing towards a weakened immune system, I began using oregano oil today which is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, emmenagogue and anti-allergenic substance. In short, it is powerful. LOL. I have found essential oils (I personally use Young Living Oils) a faithful source for multiple needs for our family....so I am glad I already had it in my medicine cabinet. I am using lavender essential oil for the rash...def a comfort.

On the upside, my breakfast this morning was 1 oz. of roast, 1 cup of steamed broccoli and 1/2 a large fresh peach. Instead of my usual black tea with milk, I will swap it for an herbal tea. Later, I will enjoy the vegetable broth I made this morning. I think it was just time for a good veggie cleansing. With all of the veggies I have planned for my weekly menu, that Mr. Scales will surely drop....and this would be a Bonus. My goal focus is to restore a healthy balance to my body as well as strengthen my immune system.

On the downside, I won't be walking with my dear walking buddy this week until my health improves....:::and the HEAT decreases, I will exercise indoors. Thank God for air conditioning! So I am grateful for the ac.....grateful for a happy heart.....grateful for so many options I have at my fingertips to cleanse and feel better. Ya know what? ....:::this cleansing should become a regular habit of mine....me thinks.

My size down worth celebrating was in the lingerie department - so, ladies, you KNOW how much fun it IS to get back to an ideal size! (trying to keep it comfortable for our male Sparkers reading this blog....) But Oh how much fun...I needed this small breakthrough especially at this challenging time. God knew too...love it how He rewards us and blesses us when we least expect it!

....so nice to walk with Sparkers, to feel comfortable sharing my discomforts with...all in all, Sparks is THE place I feel supported and inspired especially when I'm down. I don't stay down long...nope! Impossible here with YOU!

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