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Sunday, August 20, 2017

I finally got my bi-pap machine this past Wednesday. A bi-pap is the same as the C-pap machine, except that it has pressure blowing during inhaling and exhaling. I have a face mask, yup it is giving me some problems It is trial and error to see where you need the adjustments. I had my best sleep last night, had the machine working for six hours. So what does this mean for me, hopefully once I can get to sleeping with it, especially for the entire night, hope to see some weight loss---since up until now that has not been the norm for me. Many nights have been lucky around four hours. We all know we need good nights of sleep to help lose weight. I just found out a month ago after two sleep test that I have this apnea affliction rather severely. It took one month to get contacted to go in for my machine, yes I called them---but all in good time you know. Once I found out I had sleep apnea, I wanted the machine right away. I exercise, track both food and exercise and wondered why me weigh just wouldn't move in the downward direction--hoping to see change, but it may take some time---I will not give up.
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