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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So according to the allergist, I don't have asthma. So good to know. emoticon He said my cough sounded like asthma though. But, my breathing test revealed that I may have Vocal Chord Dysfunction, and that would be the reason why I lose my voice and my voice gets all gravelly all the time. So I'm on an inhaler and stuff for a month and then will check back. Then he will probably send me to ENT to have a scope done on my throat. I was wondering why not now. Insurance. That is why not now.

Yesterday I got two whole hours of sleep. Tonight so far I've gotten 1.5, lucky me. I can't go back to bed because I will just wake DH up with my coughing. Well I should say bean bag, it props me up so I was thinking I wouldn't cough so much if I slept on that so that is where I was sleeping. I already have insomnia, add the cough to that and I get very little sleep. I have been doing fine with it, but I've started to catch a sinus infection, and the post nasal drip is making it so much worse. The past few days have been awful. My stomach and throat hurt from all the coughing, but I'm trying to look at the bright side, I've finally seen the allergist and we have a possible solution, yay!

And I have a busy day later being out all day, so there will be no nap and no resting till after 3 in the afternoon, boo.

I think I have looked at all things that I could possibly be interested in on service dogs on the Etsy and Amazon websites. I have wishlists, and to buy lists and know pretty much what I want to buy for when my service dog first comes home. I know, chicken-egg. I don't even know if the Momma dog has gotten pregnant yet. I'm hoping so. I will be told as soon as they know for sure and then will be told when the puppies are born with an estimate of when I can pick my puppy up. Yay!

At first I was told I would be getting a potty trained dog, but then I was told I would be getting a puppy-puppy. I'm okay with that. As long as the trainer helps me with potty training! I'm nervous about the drive to the trainers. I was thinking instead of three times a week we could just do two and Skype once... But DH was like, you do what you gotta do. We are paying for the training, take advantage of it. I agree, but I have to drive over an hour to get there and then back! I pretty much will be just doing training on those days, getting back in time to pick up the girls from school. But, maybe this is a way I can get more used to driving in larger amounts of traffic? I'm really nervous about it, but DH is right. I'm going to be paying for 3 times a week of hands on work, I may as well do it. I'll have to rearrange my schedule with my therapist and other appointments to fit the schedule of training, but I think my service dog will be worth it. Plus I will have her on the trip with me, so I'll have my moral support.

No working out yet, I'm not getting enough sleep to do so. I asked my psychiatrist and he said to check in with him later in the week to see how I'm sleeping. A subtle 'not now', lol. I'm trying to remember to do the therapeutic yoga, hasn't happened much, but it helps when I do remember it. I think I'm going to try to make it part of my night time routine. I've stopped the deep breathing till I'm over the sinus infection, I just cough and that doesn't help at all.

I forgot to make the starter for the bread I am supposed to make today, so at 1:20 AM I got up and made it. Hope I didn't wake anyone! It should be good for how long I'm going to have to let it rise!! I'm making posole on Wednesday, but have no idea what I'm going to make today. Homemade bread goes good with anything, even 'I don't know yet', LOL.

So, I'm going to finally go try to sleep on the bean bag and if that doesn't work I'll sleep on the couch or try to come up with something quiet to do till time for everyone else to wake up.

Hope you are having a restful night and have a wonderful day! emoticon
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