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Clean Eating = Results

Friday, August 25, 2017

As if going down a size weren't enough ((good news)) at the start of this week, I've LOST 3.5 pounds too this week! emoticon ...:::and ALL due to clean eating.

It all began with a heat rash...::which by the way is long GONE! emoticon After doing a mild full body cleanse which consisted of clean eating, I experienced amazing results. My goal was to have my energy restored, balanced digestion - basically a healthy gut, no headaches and good sound sleep at night. The scales dropping was just a bonus I was NOT shooting for! emoticon

It was time to call or fold....::::So my diet looked like this:

NO...::::to sugar, dairy, wheat or other simple carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and refined food of any kind.

YES...::::to 70% vegetables, low sugar fruits, gluten free grains, healthy fats & oils, and healthy proteins.

The biggest prize of all is that I CRAVE clean foods, and I EMBRACE the self discipline that comes with the package! I had forgotten my old friend, Self-Discipline. emoticon emoticon
During the week while driving around on errands, the smells of fast food were revolting. Usually, when restaurants are prepping dinner, the greasy smells make me hungry....NOT anymore. I feel full longer between meals. Also, I am aware of my daily sodium intake. I am not adding condiments...:::don't even want them.

Instead, I am cooking with lots of fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. I have discovered that stir fried veggies are a wonderful topping for almost anything: topping on a baked potato, along side eggs, "dressing" for my salad, and alongside any healthy protein. I have taken to eating veggies for BREAKFAST too! LOL!

What I found out is that I am having a hard time eating "enough" daily calories....::as veggies contain so few. I just keep my eyes on Spark's nutrition tracker to be sure I am consuming what I need. emoticon I am enjoying this learning curve, and I love it that I don't have ANY cravings. It is amazing. AND I don't miss the bread...at all.

This way of eating is great fuel and I am determined to stay on this track - look out Mr. Scales! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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