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Friday, September 29, 2017

I haven't lost any weight this week. As a matter of fact, I've gained 2 pounds since my doctor's visit a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly, my blood work results were great. Total cholesterol fell from 241 to 188 with the bad stuff falling and the good stuff rising. All the other numbers were in normal range, too. The doctor wasn't really concerned about my weight. She said if I lost 10 pounds I'd be in normal range for my height. So we made an agreement that I'd lose 10 pounds before my next visit in 3 months. My problem the last couple of weeks has been fast food. We've had a lot of errands to do, and my husband gets hungry and stops to "grab a quick bite." At that point, I'm responsible to make good choices and I haven't. But today's a new day and a new chance. Monday is my birthday and Sunday we're having all my favorites so it's going to be a new opportunity to make good choices. That's my perspective on the challenges ahead.
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