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Not feeling motivated today

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I woke up tired. I grabbed a banana and a cup of water and exercised anyway.

I baked some delicious, healthy pumpkin muffins for breakfast and balanced it with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs, just like I had planned last night. I reclined on the sofa, read a couple chapters of a book and just chilled for awhile. Then I grabbed a cup of coffee, hoping it would give me the energy I lacked.


I was able to complete a significant part of a project I've been working on - cataloging homeschool materials I've used. It's been fascinating to travel down memory lane and evaluate products that have helped... and quite a lot that have not.


I had the healthy lunch I had planned and then helped take the kids over to church for a lock-in. When we returned I straightened up our pantry and realized I was famished. I grabbed a low-cal can of soup and enjoyed that as an early snack instead of the snack bar I had planned.


I finished my curriculum list and started to put together the first page of my homeschool website.

When dinner time approached, I headed to the kitchen to prepare a healthy meal but was pre-empted by my husband and oldest daughter's desire to go to Sonic instead. Well, I'm certainly learning to be flexible with my plan while still finding a way to stay in my calorie range. So, I looked up Sonic's nutrition info before we left, and when we got there I ordered boneless wings - not the healthiest option, but it was satisfying and fit my calorie budget. I took my time and savored those wings while the other 2 devoured their less healthy fare. I knew if I didn't eat my meal slowly, I'd finish too quickly and be tempted to have a tot...or 2...or a whole lot more, and they'd be more than willing to share.


What was I really craving? Freggies! I had been tempted to pack some melon along to Sonic but thought that would have seemed a little strange. In any case, when we got home and popped in a movie, I opted for a healthy fruit-sicle.

Yes, my husband's popcorn tempted me. And my daughter's pumpkin pie custard treat was crying out for me to take a bite. I did not feel motivated. I felt tired and ready to give in. But I didn't.


It's been a day. I'm still tired. I'm starting to feel hungry again, but if I eat anything else before I hit the hay, I promise myself it will be something healthy, like fruit.

I still FEEL unmotivated. But I am staying motivated anyway. Because that's what I'm choosing today.
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