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And This Too Shall Pass

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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I can't lie. 2017 has been a very tough year for me. Of course, it could be worse (what couldn't be worse), but it's still been tough. It was a year of being hurt, scared, stressed, broke, frustrated...the list goes on.

It began on Dec 3, 2016 when my leg got broken in a dirt bike class when another rider hit and crashed into me. A few days later I heard the dreaded term "pilon fracture" something you never, ever want to hear. There's breaking a leg, and then there are pilon fractures. I had no idea what I was in store for.

Four surgeries, six weeks of IV antibiotics, over 5 month of oral antibiotics, and a pile of hardware now sitting on my bookshelves, and it seems I may be near the end of the worst of this ordeal. I still have to regain the fitness and strength I have lost, I have another year of rehabilitating range of motion, but it seems that, perhaps, we are nearing the end of the constant doctor visits, fears of infections going wild, wondering if I'd enter 2018 with my leg still attached, and the stress of wondering where things would end up.

My Infectious Diseases doc thinks we are in the clear. I have my "final" appointment with my orthopedist next Wednesday. That will, literally, be 18 days shy of a full year.

While I've continued to race and ride most of the season, looking back, the stress from the situation with my leg had a much greater effect than I realized. Knowing that, and taking some time to evaluate the year, and what I did and didn't accomplish and I was able to "cut myself some slack" here at the end of the season and actually was HAPPY with how it ended up, despite the fact that was still slower than I was last year. On a significantly better bike. But I'm still happy with my year end. Part of me is still shocked at that last bit.

It's looking like the worrisome part of this injury may, finally, be moving into the past. Of course, osteomyelitis is never something you can completely forget about, but, there are times when you CAN move on with your life and not be sweating it every day. According to my doc, that should be the case for me.

It's been a long year. I won't be able to just "forget" about it. But I CAN take the lessons I've learned, move forward from where I'm at, and realize that yes, even this, too, shall pass.
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