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Keep Moving Forward

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

emoticon Good Morning Sparkers!

I have such exciting news! Starts out with kinda unhappy news, the breeder/trainer I'm working with to train my service dog for PTSD/Anxiety never got back to me about puppies. So I finally messaged her, and we talked for a good long while. Short of it is she had another dog that should be coming into heat in about a month. That's a lot longer to wait, but it works out since we just moved and need to settle and gives me time to have my surgery and recover from it. So it works out great! She also said if this mating fails that she'll help me find a puppy from another breeder that will also make a good service dog. Yay!

My eating has not been great. I ran out of almond milk and discovered I do not like the shakes without it. Bleh. But I thought really hard on it last night, This is for my health, this is for how I feel on a daily basis. This is for me. No one can make me do it. And I thought long and hard on it and found a new determination. I do want this, for me, and no one else. It's my body and only I have to live in it.

It didn't help that my husband said some pretty harsh words last night. We never fight. We have disagreements, but never fight. I got so depressed. I still am a little depressed, but you know what? I'm not going to let it get me down any more. I'm going to focus on me and my girls and the new house. If he wants to be that way, fine, but I'm not going to let it completely ruin my day, my week. I'm going to, as the song says, "keep walking, solder keep moving on."

I had a dream about being a solder again last night, only it was completely far-fetched and Star Trek-y, lol. I really think that was what my subconscious was trying to tell me. My shoes kept being slippery and I needed to get new boots and dress shoes. "Solder keep moving on." I think it was telling me to do what I'd do back then. Just keep moving. Just do it and move on.

So that is what I shall do, change my boots (LOL) so my feet don't slip and keep moving forward. I do have a lot going on in the near-ish future; get my dog and start daily training her to be a service dog, gastric bypass surgery, and I'm sure much more will come up along the way. I need to keep walking and moving towards my goals till I complete them. I always put other people, other things before my own needs and wants. Time for me to come first for a while. That's going to be difficult for me, it's not how I'm used to doing things. But it's for my best interest, my health be it physical, emotional or mental... Yeah, I think if I keep that in mind, I can do this.

So, let's keep moving forward!!
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and remember to "keep moving on!"

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