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The Big Whoopsy

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I thought I was doing good, and apparently my stomach thinks I am, because it went on strike after my big whoopsy.

I don't know what got into my head, but I decided I wanted eggs and sausage and toast for lunch. Then more toast with cinnamon butter on it. And I didn't eat a normal portion size. No, I had 3 eggs, 2 sausage, and 3 toast... plus more toast with the cinnamon butter. That is way too much for me. So my stomach decided to be miserable for a while, to remind me that I can't eat that much, and I can't eat eggs cooked in sausage grease, etc.

So I got up and got moving, cleaning. As long as I was moving my stomach didn't hurts so much. Unfortunately I had to go sit in car line at the school to pick up the kids shortly after that.

No, I didn't eat dinner, my stomach was still gurgling from lunch.

Then DH brings home those Pirouline, cream filled wafers that look like straws (they are not), I think to make up for being short with me the other day. It's a nice gesture, I appreciate it, but I asked him to take them back to the office for him to eat. He insists I should have one with each cup of coffee and he won't take them to work because he doesn't like them. *sigh* It's so very sweet of him, but I think I'll give them to the kids with hot cocoa, I so don't need more temptation. I did have one, and they are really good with coffee, but I don't need them.

So what did I learn from my big whoopsy? Portion control is a huge must for me. I'll eat a whole cake unless I'm reminded to portion control it! No more greasy foods. I've been off really greasy foods for quite a while now, I don't need to go suddenly eating some. My stomach is not used to it any more and it messes up my stomach royally! And I need to stick to the program the dietitian gave me. I'm getting ready for gastric bypass surgery in a few months, I can't be eating things like this. The short of it is, I messed up, but I think it is a good learning situation for me. I don't want to feel like that again. Ever. I was miserable, and it certainly was not worth it!!

I'm up at 11 PM, I went to bed around 8 PM (I was exhausted! and miserable still!). And I took my inhaler too close to bed time, so I woke up with a coughing fit. I thought it was still early so I was just going to cough it out, then I rolled over and saw DH. Oops. So here I am with a hot cup of coffee to sooth my throat. Once it calms down, I'll go back to bed (one cup of coffee won't effect my sleep).

Taking the dog to the vet in the morning, he is having some problems and I think is in some pain. Plus he needs his nails trimmed, and I'm horrible at doing that, so I refuse. They said they would give him a 'doggie pedicure'. Fancy.

So I'm off to bed (again). My throat feels soothed. Hoope you all have a wonderful night tonight too, with no coughing fits!!


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