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Rambling and waiting!

Friday, January 19, 2018

I am absolutely a-flutter inside with worry/hope for my weigh in today. I was down two pounds yesterday surely I won't have gained two pounds in one day. Says the lady who just snuck a banana to eat. This is why I'm nervous. (sigh)

So tomorrow morning (aka a few hours from now) is probably going to be spent in worry mode. Though I just went and weighed and I'm 3 pounds below my weigh in weight. I think I'm good. But I'm still so nervous! I just hope worry mode does not cause me to want to eat everything in sight!!

I can't wait to have the surgery though it's sounding like it is going to be like a month! I know, it's going to be difficult, and probably nothing like I'm imagining. But I can't wait to start feeling better and lose the weight. I imagine I'll sleep better once I lose some weight. I'm hoping they will go ahead and take out this hernia I have and if so that will be wonderful. My shortness of breath will probably go away once I don't have this hernia pushing on my diaphram.

My bestie wants to come down from TN and take care of me. I don't know. I'd love to see her, but I'll mostly be walking and sitting and taking my vitamins and shakes. Can't be too exciting. Plus DH is taking the week off to take care of me (though honestly he'll probably spend all the time on his computer...). Choices, choices! My bestie is a nurse, so that would be good... Hmm. Lots to think about! I think I'd love to have her here, but DH will get agitated. Not sure why, but he's not overly fond of her. Maybe because I tend to be impulsive when she is around. LOL.

I'll write another post when I get home about what is going to take till when and all that jazz. Right now I know I'll have to buy my food (aka shakes and drinks) next Tuesday when I get paid. You won't believe how much I have to spend for the 2 week pre-op diet! I'm just glad I don't have to do the 4 week one!

Right now I'm taking time from typing to paint army men with nail polish. LOL. My DD needs them for a school project and of course, waited till the last minute to get half the project done and so I'm helping by painting and cutting out pretend money for a game she made. She did quite good at pacing herself until snow days.

So back to bed with me, had some hot tea to soothe my throat and now I'm off to try to catch some more Z's!!

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