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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spent Monday on the phone with Chris, a customer representative with my insurance. He was so sweet and nice and he did the best he could for me. I called because my primary insurance was trying to say my secondary was my primary. This problem has been going on for months! Hopefully Chris fixed it. But while I had him on the phone I had him check the status of my surgery request: denied. What!? Lots of phone calls later he told me what I needed to do, then I called my coordinator at the clinic and was like, what the chicken? I was very reassured though when both said that the appeal should go through because of all of the new info we included. I'm sad because they have a whole month to review it! Yikes! But I'm praying and trying to keep up to date with what is going on so that I don't get any more surprises!

My YDD turns 10 today! OMGosh! I have presents to wrap, I have not wrapped a single one yet. She surprised me by not asking for any toys, she wants stuff to decorate her room, she going with an ocean/nature theme. I love it. Lots of teals and whites. She took cupcakes to school today and we'll be making a cake from scratch this weekend. I'm probably going to get an oversized cupcake from the store today while I'm out and surprise her with it at dinner.

My knee and ankle (same leg) are in agony. My knee is not used to all the stairs I climb and go down in a day now with the new house. And coming up the stairs from letting the dog out, I was almost to the top, when my ankle went all wonky and it felt like I pulled a muscle. I don't know what it is I really did to it, but that is what it felt like, just like when I pull that muscle in my lower back. Ow. So I'm having to be really careful on that leg. I ice my knee frequently now when it acts up. I never remember to with my ankle.

I got two new pillows! One of the really long ones, it's quilted and firm, and it is the best pillow I've ever had, so comfy! So now I have three pillows to prop me up so my reflux won't bother me so much. I'm sure it will come in handy after surgery (if that ever happens) to keep me from rolling over on my stomach. I still ended up 'sleeping' on the couch for about 1/2 the night. I have learned my lesson. No more Mexican food for me! And no coffee after 5 PM. I didn't know caffeine could give you reflux. It was a hard night, and I'm exhausted, but I can't go take a nap, too much to do! Plus there is a very happy bird right outside my window. A very loud, happy bird, lol!

So I'm off to go clean and wrap presents! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, and don't forget it's anti-procrastination day!

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