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My Adventures in Spark Land...Say #13 of Marching out of my rut

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I declared March--March out of my rut Month.

emoticon So I was woken many times Sunday night/Monday morning with several thumps sounds so I knew my son was up to something. I could not wait to look. For years I had been talking about things being plugged in that should not be sucking up my electric. My son thought I was crazy. My son's GF prof talks about it and guess what my son put everything on electric stripes so now every night I can run around and turn off strips. I will have to get use to it. He relocated my plants. He put lights up on my entertainment center. Some strips I had to rearrange since they were plugged into electronics I never use. Then he hooked my phone charger into that one of the strips full of electronics in the kitchen I never use. LOL I like charging my phone in the living area where I watch TV and look at pinterest as I write out menus and grocery list. And the blue lights around the entertainment center drove me nuts. They match nothing and I don't even see them when I sit in there so it is using elec for no reason! But over all he did a great job.

emoticon My son was complaining last summer how the internet went out a lot. I called and a man came and fixed it and said I was getting charged too much and I should be getting more ? then I am. I was confused and wanted my son to call and he refused. I called and the company dropped the price but I was still having spotty internet so I called again and they up the price but the no more internet issues. My son who knows more then I do refused to 'get involved'. All he did was yell and complain! Last night we were talking about it and he looked at my bill and saw I was paying for services I was not using like I told the company last summer and I told them to drop . He started alive chat pretending to be me and got the extra charges dropped and the bill back down again. So far my son has saved me money the few days he has been home...He has taken over the house bills at the campus house he lives in which as helped him realize how to help me.

emoticon My son thinks he knows what is wrong with my car. He ordered 'just in case' parts also. In case he is wrong and it's ...instead. The 'in case' came yesterday not what he needed! My son wanted to take my car to dad's because my dad has a shed for working on cars, etc. My single brother, who is clueless, told him not to drive it 7 miles up there. My son got it up there Saturday and my married brother and nephew brought him back here. Yesterday he went up there and shoveled a path to get in the shed. The snow was up to his knees. My single brother didn't think my son could get in! Now my son needs to take his truck out that has been in there since October and put in my car. The parts are due in tomorrow.

emoticon My son made me pancakes. I took mental notes because that is something on my 'to make list'. I thought he hated pancakes-lol!

emoticon I called the cable company and cancelled my cable with no issues.

emoticon My son is into online auctions. He knows I wanted new plates. He saw someone on there with blue hearts that were cute. We bid on them. The bid went higher then I wanted to pay and yes they were cute. I wasn't really excited about more blue. My dishes are country blue and mauve corning. I have 4 piece setting. These were stone ware and 8 piece setting. He bid on pans and got them. We are taking a trip to get them!

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. Thank you for those who have time to comment on my blog.

Keep Sparkling!
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