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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Just throwing a quick update out here. I'm excited because I cracked a new number on the scale. Hoping I'm back on the downward march. About 18-20 pounds away from where I felt like a superhero. It'd be great to get to that goal AND publish our book in 2018. Big goals for a big year! Randy is still doing amazing. He's down around 36 pounds, looks incredible (he already did) and is consistently running solid good blood sugar numbers. I can't stop being proud of this man. He blows my mind.

Audrey just finished a state competition with her school. She got First Place in Pharmacy Technician Skills. My head spun when she told me all the stuff she had to do. I only understood a quarter of it. She goes to Nationals in late May or June. Depending on what happens after that, she'll decide what she wants to do next year. She graduates in a few weeks and is staying flexible with her plans. We're cool with that.

She didn't think she had a chance at winning, so she didn't grab a uniform blazer. When they called her name, the girl next to her threw her a jacket that was inside-out and two sizes too small. She wrestled into it as she was running up to the podium. LOL But she made it!

My little Friendship Rock Garden continues to grow. Here are the latest two:

This is from my artist friend in London. My rock garden is international. It has a whole section that's British.

This is from my SparkBuddy, LIVEDAILY. I love when SparkBuddies cross over from SparkWorld into my everyday world. Thank you Karen!

Speaking of crossing over, my SparkBuddy, LOVELYSPIRIT sent me an amazing birthday present with a Wonder Woman action figure and handmade pillowcase. She threw some dollar store exploding balloons in the top of the package and I got completely distracted by those.

Randy is very tolerant that half our bed looks like a bunk on the Invisible Jet. lol

Side note: I shot a fun video with my friend, Grace. We rock the Troll hair.

I love making these very real connections with people on SparkPeople. It's getting harder for me without the vlogs and I'm still not completely sold on using YouTube as a substitute. But here are a few things I would've shared with you if I could. Better yet, come find me on Facebook as Shelli Mosteller. Just let me know you're you. :)


This is what my Friendship Rock Garden looks like with the addition of LIVEDAILY's rock. I also share a secret about the garden.


The exploding balloons LOVELYSPIRIT sent. I am so incredibly easily amused.


Another surprise that LIVEDAILY sent that just made my day spectacular.


This is the video that Grace and I shot. The song is incredibly encouraging and uplifting. Never give up!!!


And this because--electric kazoo y'all. 'Nuff said.

I hope you have a fun weekend and step into a fresh week with tons of optimism and motivation. Spark ON, Brave Sparkers!
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