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Is it sad to say I am relieved?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

I spoke to my sister last night. She said our grandmother had a fall in the nursing home and is very agitated and refusing to take her meds. Her meds are for chronic pancreatitis and high blood pressure. She has , what I thought/ what her initial diagnosis was, Alzheimer's. Come to find out she has cerebral small vein disease from smoking and poorly treated high blood pressure. She had a brain scan done last year and it showed she has brain shrinkage and several places in her brain where she has had mini strokes and parts of her brain have died, worsening her dementia. If anyone ever needed a reason to stop smoking this is it. So glad I did.

That being said I have been so paranoid about having anxiety/ depression and IBS/ gluten intolerance because those two things go hand in hand with Alzheimer's, which is now being called diabetes type 3. I have been on a strict reduced carb diet because I am so nervous about my brain health. It really has helped my moods and I think a lot clearer. I also credit it with my ability to lose and keep off the weight I have lost (77 pounds to date). However there are times when I want a break. I also get low energy with heavy workouts. Even with all of that protein in my diet, it can be a struggle to build muscle. So I have decided to go cyclic keto and carb refeed sometimes. Gives me a break, but still lets me have control over my diet. Plus I won't have the chronic hunger of eating carbs regularly. Going to give it a go and see how I do.

I switched up my weight lifting routine. I started doing a Whole Body 100 style lift combined with 5x5 for heavy lifting. I work each muscle group twice. Once with 100 light weight reps and then again with 5 sets of 5 reps (if I am at failure and can't lift heavy enough to finish I reduce the weight and double the reps). I am sticking with the split rotation doing a day of upper and lower and abs the next day, with 4 lifting days in a week. I'm using cardio as a lever to help me control calories/ weight. If I don't need cardio I skip it and have a rest day. At the end of the second week doing this I see noticeable gains. Pleased! Guess I will keep BFL as a rotational switch up so my workout doesn't get stale and plateau. Also learning about "deloading", taking a weight lifting break every 6 weeks. Guess those weeks I will do a Whole Body 100 session and a total body 5x5 and call it good with 2 lift sessions- just enough to not lose progress. Can't wait to see what the next months bring. I have a goal to get in as good of shape as i can by my birthday, July 10. No particular reason. Just seemed like a good goal date. Kinda like I wanted to hit my goal weight loss by my April 3 anniversary (made it a week early!). So that's where I am right now.

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