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Arthritis of the Spine

Monday, May 14, 2018

So, for those who have read my last blog, you know I broke my foot in January. What you might not know, is that the night I got back from the hospital, it had been raining and when I got back to work that night, the smooth concrete in front of my building was like trying to walk on ice and I slipped and fell on my crutches. Started having back pain shortly thereafter. Worker's comp sent me to an orthopedic and it turns out, I have arthritis on the spine, which was aggravated by the fall. My spine is moving closer together causing one of my disks to bulge out causing sciatica. Started out being diagnosed with Sciatica and nothing they gave me for the pain seemed to help. Not pain pills, not anti-inflammatories, not heat or ice or muscle relaxers. So finally they put me on a steroid which helped tremendously, but as most of you know you can't stay on a steroid because of the side effects it can cause. I finished it today and have started physical therapy.

My first day my physical therapist lied and told me I was working my back out... that was a thigh workout all the way! I was walking out of there after an hour begging God to not let me fall because my legs felt like Jello, and when I walked, every third step or so my leg felt like it was going to give out so I looked silly doing some kind of new walk! emoticon

I have my next appointment on Tuesday. I need to also get a yoga mat because I am supposed to be doing some exercises at home and all of them having me laying down but my floor is way too hard on my tailbone to do them without some kind of cushion. I am going today to try and find one. I used to have one but never used it so I gave it away... Go figure.

Hope everyone has an amazing day!
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