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Pick Three

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Read a review today of Randi Zuckerberg's new book, Pick Three (and yes, she is the sister of that "other" Zuckerberg).

Subtitle? you can have it all (just not every day).

She identifies 5 "buckets": work, sleep, family, friends and fitness.

And she says: on any given day, prioritize 3. Be an "Eliminator" and consciously leave out the other options, just for today. Not a "Passionista" who's trying to do it all and be it all and ends up exhausted. And the "Renovator" might be necessary during a particular period in my life when I'm fixing up stuff that's been neglected -- but not forever. "Superhero" supporting someone else? Maybe short term but again time limited. "Monetizer" primarily focused on making the big bucks? Never been my focus actually.

Sure, "pick three" is inherently asymmetric on any given day: but in the long run, "pick three" if monitored to ensure that the other options have their turn too will balance out.

OK then: today I pick sleep (slept in a bit -- but only just now caught up on the Royal Wedding clips); and fitness (going to the gym a bit late too) and family. Will spend time with DH later when he gets back from his Saturday morning golf with his buddies.

How about you?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    That seems like a good model to help us focus but I would expand it

    I would add the 3 more buckets: learning and exploration, spiritual connections,
    and joy and relaxation to her 5 buckets

    Change work to productivity in all areas of my life and expand fitness to health.

    Then the model start to really work for me.

    Thanks for sharing it.

    680 days ago
    Work, sleep, family have been occupying the lion's share of my time and energy for months now. Friends and fitness have taken a severe hit.
    680 days ago
    Very good approach. I suffer from the have-to-do--it-all mentality, and it's too much, so I like the idea of rotating priorities. Thank you for pointing this out.
    680 days ago
    Hmm sleep doesn't seem so optional to me. I need 7-8 hrs per night and I don't have a lot of choice about that. I suppose choosing to get extra, like going to bed early or taking a nap... And work is rarely optional - though it should be today, Sunday of a long weekend. But I have to work today and tomorrow. Oh well. But I think I do find myself juggling family, fitness and friends. Making some fitness functional exercise (I walk to and from work) helps!
    680 days ago
    You can't do it all everyday, I like that thought.
    680 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Indeed picking three helps us keep from being spread too thin. Priorities and prioritizing gives us direction and keeps us sane. :)
    680 days ago
    emoticon blog emoticon emoticon
    681 days ago
    Actually a nice way of living....easy to do once one is retired, for sure.
    It’s all I can do at this time in my life to take care of sleep and fitness and family!
    I certainly feel fine with letting something go if I get a chance to do something I would rather do!
    Guesss I don’t need a book to tell me it’s ok.

    681 days ago
  • DESIREE672
    That’s a really convenient way of planning a mentally and physically healthy routine. I’ll use that!
    681 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    This advice is so true. We really can't focus on more than three things and do them well. Multi tasking is way overrated IMHO. when I worked with clients on incentive goals the hardest thing was getting them to narrow down their goals to no more than three......
    681 days ago
    Watched the wedding so am tired tonight and hope to get to bed earlier tonight. emoticon
    681 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I was up early because I went to a mud run with my sister who lives 70 miles away so I caught the wedding just as Charles walked the bride down the isle so I did check it out since I was up. I pray for them to love each other for years and years. I am so happy that you and your hubby got married on a very inexpensive budget and are still living happily ever after.
    My hubby and I spent $2000 total and we are still living a fairytale life. Love forever. Some people know how to pick them!
    681 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Today I pick sleep, friends & work.

    Sleep because dog kept me up all night searching for the spouse that is out-of-town plus barking at the unfamiliar sounds (quieter) of our new AC system. Got in a brief nap before our back-yard neighbors started trimming all the trees/shrubs in their yard with power saws which KC the Sunshine Dog had to call to my attention over and over and over. . ..

    Friends - touching base with an out-of-state, good friend/former neighbor from high-school days who will be visiting in June, along with her spouse. We've kept in touch over the years but it has been too long for a face-to-face visit.

    Work - retired from paid employment so work in my case is the HUGE project of organizing and cataloging the good-sized genealogy archives I have that dates back to items cherished and saved back to my Great-great grandparents -- thousands of photos, documents, letters, postcards, books, etc..
    681 days ago
    watch the wedding, family time, sleep (later).
    681 days ago
    I think we often do this anyway, but feel guilty about the 2 left undone or not prioritized. This recognizes we only have so many hours in the day and only so much energy and resources. As you said, it's the balance that works it all out.

    681 days ago
    Project: constructed a raised cedar bed for my veggie garden
    Fitness: hauled firewood and walked the dog X2
    Relaxation: reading a fun book and enjoying a glass of wine, watched the royal wedding during breakfast

    1,2 and 3... Done!
    681 days ago
    Hmmm … work, sleep, family, friends and fitness. Pick 3.

    We are retired so … work comes off the list but I replaced it with projects, ie, travel trailer or house repairs, artsy fartsy things, yard work, etc.

    My picks for today, project, sleep and fitness/moving.

    Hubby has always had the attitude to focus on only 3 task to accomplish in a day.
    681 days ago
    It looks like this is another book I will be requesting from the library. I like the concept of three, and have applied the "three" guideline to my life in terms of out-of-the-house activities so I don't feel overwhelmed. A session at the gym, errands (grocery shopping, drugstore), library, lunch or dinner out or coffee with a friend, I am not one of those people who enjoys cramming everything into one day. Yesterday after I got back from the gym, the library, and grocery shopping, my DH decided we would run to the hardware store to check out toilets, the lighting store to look at vanity lights, and the paint store to pick up some sample colors. Phew! I am grateful that we are finally redoing our powder room, and I keep my mouth shut about all the running around as I still have memories of the last time we tried to do this, four years ago, when we couldn't agree on anything and stopped speaking to each other for three weeks! I am still remembering that time because we are not those people....
    681 days ago
    well, let's see... work (since I retired a year ago) is taking care of grandsons and they won't be here today, so that's off the list. Fitness is whatever I can manage with the current pain level, though I have plenty of steps for the hours passed so far. I will try some free weights shortly. Friends-are probably off the list for today...got some cleaning to do since grandsons have been here - always cleaning bathrooms, dusting and especially floors with a crawling everywhere 8 month old! So I guess mine are trying to sleep through the pain, definitely family and as much fitness as I can manage.
    681 days ago
    I like the approach!
    681 days ago
    Guess I picked the wedding and the fitness (4 mile run in the rain)... did not pick sleep... but I might just prioritize a nap! emoticon I like that "if monitored to ensure the other options have their turn"... balance over time is a good thing.
    681 days ago
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