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Some Whine To Go With My Moldy Bread

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Yesterday was a nightmare! I was doing well with my typical Monday, which is cleaning, laundry, vacuuming, and I got it all done early so I felt good. I needed to go to town to the library as I had a book to return, to deposit my husband's check in the bank, to the post office to pick up my mail, and to Walmart. I might have been able put this trip off until the following day, as it is 12 miles to town, but I really needed to go to Walmart Pharmacy. We were finally able to get a medicine Blocker needed as they quit carrying it in this area anywhere. We had to special order it and had spent over a week trying to get it. I was doing all this while trying to feed Blocker every 2-3 hours all day and fix meals. She is not feeling well and is bloated again. Her teeth are bothering her. She wasn't wanting to eat some of her meals so it was a pain. At some point around 2:30 I was starving and just sucked down some shredded lettuce with some dressing poured on it. Great meal!! By the time supper was over I just wanted to help hubby get Blocker's big evening meal down and her meds in, take a bath, and lay down. By 8 I was dosing in and out. Ahhhh. Storms arrived but I was too tired to care. At 9:30 my hubby came into the bedroom. woke me, and told me he had bad news. The storm had taken out our huge fridge/freezer. It had also hit the big A/C but it recovered. So much for our whole house surge protector and lightening rod system. So I had to get up and help him start the freezer and side by side fridge in the pole-barn. Then bring the 2 other small dorm fridges inside from there all while it was still storming and pouring rain. I rearranged the food in the upright freezer on the back porch and the bigger dorm fridge we already have inside. I unpacked everything in the stunned fridge and separated it into boxes as to where it should go. Hubby put the meat in the freezer in the polebarn. He put the condiments in the side by side in the polebarn. He accidentally shut off the power to both of them but discovered it before too much damage was done. I put the rest in the 3 dorm fridges inside trying to load them with a plan in mind to make them easier to use. We were soaked from the rain and from sweat pouring off of us. We finished a little after midnight and I had to take another bath and wash my hair. He did the same. Blocker wanted to be fed again so he did that and we went to bed but were too tired and wired to sleep. We got about 3 hours sleep before having to get up a little after 6. I was exhausted, my knee hurt, my wrist hurt, I felt hungover, I looked like something laying in the bottom of the cat-box. The house is a mess from all of the frantic activity and I had to redo the floors. I made hubby's breakfast and found that both loaves of his bread for lunches were moldy. I felt like screaming but I took a deep breath. I desperately needed to stay home today but I will probably have to go to the post office anyway as I have lots of things ordered for Blocker. I will have to choose which way to go to get bread depending on whether I have to go to the post office or not. The closest store is 5.5 miles and I hope they have a loaf of bread. If not I will have to drive 8 more miles to the next small expensive grocery store and hope they have a loaf of bread. No bread? Then I will have to drive 2 miles further. Or drive 17 miles to Kroger and Walmart where I know they will have bread. If I end up there I could have gone the short cut and saved 6 miles. But Murphy's Law is in effect. And it's muggy and miserable. And it's still storming for the next 2 days. And I worry about losing power. And I have a toothache. For my sake my hubby is trying to keep it together as he knows I can't stand griping and whining. When catastrophe happens I don't freak, I just trouble shoot, problem solve, dig out, work harder, tread "water" in the septic tank, whatever. So I am determined to be tough. To stay positive. This too shall pass. I could use your prayers though................or a stiff drink with gin. I don't drink so please send the prayers.

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    emoticon and praying for you. What a frantic experience. Better days ahead. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon blog! emoticon
    778 days ago
    What a nightmare of a day!

    Rest up as much as you can to recuperate.

    Today will be better.

    Do you remember when the bread man used to come to the door to make deliveries? That was a long time ago.
    You sure could use him now.


    807 days ago
    Has the month of July been a better one for you?
    823 days ago
    emoticon That's IT! I'm sending you to an island getaway because you need a vacay stat! emoticon emoticon
    (and you're in my prayers always! emoticon )
    828 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2018 8:05:45 PM
    emoticon Oh I was laughing this sounded so awful! Some days! I know it was over a month ago and likely nearly "forgotten". Isn't it remarkable how so much can happen and be "gone" with the first nice day or next emergency. You guys sound like you work well together. Especially in a crisis. I've been MIA on spark people but am planning to be back a blog a while while I try something new. Hopefully this time it will "work". I appreciate you saying your ex was not good at remembering birthdays. Mine was nearly my ex but we have worked things out. Hm. Rather like your awful night here, it was an awful year for the two of us, fighting things out. But things did change and we have made some really big changes. I got a better picture of your place in my mind with your running between barn and house in the rain. did you ever reorganize your dormer fridges? Ha! Take care and I hope Blocker is having a good day. Justyna emoticon
    829 days ago
    You are a trooper! I always give you and your family prayers! You can get through any thing my friend!
    I love You! May the rest of your days run smooth!

    853 days ago
    Sounds like you had the day from Hell sent to you. But listening to you talk about it, you did what you always do. Bite the bullet and go. Hello sweet lady! You were the first person I looked for when I came in to visit, and there you were, So happy to find that. I am once again fighting my weight; 186 right now. Partly from my own self being stupid, partly from a fall I took a year ago this last May and shattered my S2 (tailbone) vertebrae. Some fun that was! And it's not over yet.....sigh. I need help, I need friends who listen and who I trust......I need you. Forgive me for running off? I thought of you often. emoticon


    854 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/28/2018 7:42:04 AM
    860 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11085420
    emoticon Just going to continue to pray... We struggle. We learn. We grow! emoticon
    867 days ago
    What a day! I hope yesterday and today were much, much better! emoticon
    868 days ago
    Wow. That stinks. I hope it all works out and the weather breaks. We are in a humid stretch here too.
    17 miles to get bread? A few more miles and you have my commute to work - one way.
    868 days ago
    Prayers going up! Always so happy when you post . . . even your rant is making me smile. So sorry to hear about all the ongoing with Blocker. Country life has lots of advantages but disadvantages, too. I'm unapologetically a city girl and am the only one in my family who is - odd woman out. The bread store sitch you described would drive me crazy. So when it took the big one out . . . does that mean it took the appliance out, or part of your electrical system? So sorry!!! Hoping for an easy fix.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    869 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/13/2018 8:26:58 PM
  • no profile photo CD22518161

    Sending prayers your way, dear girl. You need Calgone to take you away!!!!
    869 days ago
    oh my! Sending you a virtual hug. Praying..well! I am an atheist. Sure can see you need a break though!
    Sure wish you could switch your hubby to sprouted bread you can keep in fridge- I have had great luck with that. Only time we have regular bread around is when the kids are home for holidays or..
    Anyhow- get some rest GF!!!!!
    and.. when Murphy's law is in full swing it makes problem solving even more challenging!
    I don't like whiners either!
    869 days ago
    Your quest for bread sounds like a story out of communist-run Czechoslovakia! Big prayers coming your way, especially for your and Blocker’s toothaches.
    869 days ago
    How about I send over a blanket big enough for everyone to hide under until this passes?

    Hang in there. Thank goodness you and yours are safe, even without a decent loaf of bread. If it's easier to find tortillas, maybe hubby needs wrap sandwiches? *ducks*

    Hugs and best hopes coming your way!
    869 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    869 days ago
    869 days ago
    I prayer it all gets better. emoticon
    869 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    Hoping all is well now and everything is up and running - including Blocker!
    869 days ago
    869 days ago
    Wow! Like someone said -- When it rains it pours! Just said a quick prayer that your day is improving quickly. And that you are holding up to all of it. Rest when you can and give yourself a reward to getting through all of it. Non-food reward! You definitely deserve it!
    870 days ago
    Wow! What a horrible set of circumstances! Your poor dear! Sending prayers! Just reading about it makes ME want a drink! emoticon Hugs to you and Blocker and, yes the bread eating husband. Have him watch Butter Bob Briggs on YouTube "Butter makes your pants fall off!" (hysterical)
    870 days ago
    Sending prayers!!! You certainly need them. I am so sorry you are going through all this.
    870 days ago
    Wow!! Hang in there.
    870 days ago
    I don't know about you, but after reading all this I think I need a gin! I'll have one for you, and send prayers for the 3 of you too!!
    Keep calm, trouble shoot and problem solve - that's my method in a crisis too. Hoping you get on top of this and manage to get some rest soon.
    emoticon emoticon
    870 days ago
    Hope your week levels out! Whew! Sometimes it just pours! But the good news is you are super tough and handled all of that really well!
    870 days ago
    I'm lighting my special intention candle for all of you right now.
    870 days ago
    WOW I have no idea what to say about the freezer emoticon That suck SO bad!!! Also sucks living so far away from a good store!!! Dang moldy bread...I've been there trying to make breakfast/lunch for the kids and hubby..NOT GOOD!! emoticon

    Thinking of little Blocker emoticon emoticon
    870 days ago
    Sending plenty of prayers, sweetie. Hope the nearest store has bread!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    870 days ago
    What a major PITA! We have power interruptions all of the time in our rural neighborhood, so we concentrate on keeping the fridge/freezer doors closed & don't worry about a minor thaw unless it stretches out more than 3-4 hrs...This reminds me, I need to clean out our freezer; Hubby put up a lot of BBQ when he had the smoker fired up last summer and the freezer-burnt stuff can go to the dogs!
    870 days ago
    Oh, dear, what a night.
    And then moldy bread.
    If not too moldy you can cut off mold and use it. It toasts up.
    I looked it up when I found some expensive bread with ,mold,
    the article was cut it off and use.
    But not every case can be that easy.
    Hope the first place had bread.
    When I stopped for bread today, the kind I wanted was down to one loaf, I grabbed it just as a man looked like he was reaching for it.
    Good Blockers got new medicine.
    Titans feeling better, gobbled some Costco chicken today and now sleeping.
    Take care. Hope storms are gone for a long time.
    Hugs Tisha emoticon

    870 days ago
    Oh my, that is an awful lot of “stuff” going on in your life! I can hardly keep up. No wonder you are tired. Prayers being lifted up for you and hubby and Blocker! I just know things are going to get better!
    emoticon emoticon
    870 days ago
    Oh I am so sorry I certainly hope today is a far better day.I am sending prayers . Fingers crossed blocker is feeling better !
    870 days ago
    emoticon What a lot going on. It's still early in the week, it can only get better. I hope Blocker is does well with the new meds and your toothache stops. Does the stunned huge fridge/freezer fixes itself by sitting for awhile? Hang in the friend!
    870 days ago
    Sending you good vibes. Hope the rest of the day goes better.

    870 days ago
    OMG! Definitely sending prayers! You need a break!
    870 days ago
  • BERGEN127
    Prayers I can do! I have faith things will smooth out for you. Hang in there!
    870 days ago
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