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Day 4: The Plateau Challenge

Sunday, June 17, 2018

I had no idea there was a difference between portion size and serving size. I can see now where I've made more than a few mistakes. I'm going to print part of this article out and keep it handy in my kitchen.

I've moved my small mailing scale out to the kitchen and placed it in plain view along with a few measuring cups. I've worked the last ten years of my life as a cook and baker so you get used to just eyeballing everything. I'm learning that it's not always the healthiest way to do things. Now, who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks.

Over the years because of the crazy shifts I worked, I've gotten into the habit of not eating breakfast. I always had brunch and my first meal is around 11:00 am. So, tomorrow morning I'm going to start eating breakfast when I get up, while the coffee is brewing. Usually, around 8:00 am. It's a habit I need to get back into but this is going to be a challenge all on its own.

I've been doing a lot of reading here on the site but I think I'm getting to the point where it could be considered system overload. Sometimes I find it all very confusing. Exercising is not a problem. Eating healthy is another story. I've cut out all junk food and I have to say I don't really miss it. With the amount of food I have to eat, I'm not hungry for junk. That's a blessing. I've never used a lot of processed food in my home, I'm an old fashion cook.

I do have one question to anyone who might be reading this. I exercise for a minimum of one hour per day, sometimes a bit more. My calorie count is up from 1200 - 1500 to 1800 -2100. Can I make my portion sizes bigger? I'm really having a problem trying to eat this much food and balance it all out.

I know it's all a learning process and it will take a bit of time to grasp everything and learn new skills. I'm up for it and I know I can make it happen.

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