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Importance of Logging Food/Emotional Health

Sunday, June 24, 2018

I goofed. I ate some things that were carbs that I should not have. I'm not going to sabotage myself again. Starting right this minute I am back on track, no waiting till tomorrow. I don't think I'm in ketosis any more because of the carbs I ate. I didn't overeat, that would cause me to throw up (had gastric bypass surgery for medical reasons) but I snacked and am not supposed to do that. Gotta get back on track. Starting now, no delaying. I didn't eat anything major, I just really want to stay in ketosis where I will lose the most weight. Remember to exercise. All that jazz.

So, I was given a log book at the hospital, and I really like it. I noticed that when I stopped logging all my food, that was when I started eating foods I should not. So starting tomorrow morning (I'm done eating for today) I'm going to plan and log everything. The great thing is that I do it in pencil so so if I need to move things around I can. When I run out of pages in that book I will either get another or I'll start using SP again. The only thing with SP is that I don't eat anywhere near as many calories as it thinks I should, LOL.

I have the best hubby in the world. I was really having a bad anxiety day and needed things to eat so that I didn't have to eat BBQ chicken (stomach does not like) and so he went to the store and got what I was wanting for me. Almond milk for my shakes, tuna and refried beans with fresh mozzarella for proteins for dinner (I've been craving the refried beans!).

Today was a bad day, I had PTSD episode and panic attacks. I'm doing better now but still feel fragile. I feel like my morning was wasted, but am trying to remind myself I need to take care of me when these things happen. So it was not wasted, it was spent on self care. Now I'm trying to catch up on what I was supposed to have done this morning.

Friends that are moving invited us to a picnic today, but DH declined. He knew I would say yes even if I was not up to it. So, since I was planning on going to the splash pad tomorrow and walk the track, I invited my friend to go with us. We are going to the splash pad another day this week with another friend. Maybe we will go to the lake beach too. I don't want to plan too much, but I don't want be afraid to leave the house and become a recluse either. I know tomorrow is not going to be an easy day for me, I can tell. But I'm still going to go and I'm going to do my best to have fun an get exercise and enjoy the morning.

But, must look at things positively! Tomorrow is another day and I will try my best to do better and better!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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