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Sunday, July 01, 2018

I hope those reading this do not take this blog the wrong way but here we go....

Please do not pray for me......

I what I am hoping for is you to direct your prayers to those people in need who you do not know-
the people who DO need your help and who can NOT help themselves. The people you see who struggle with their illnesses. Maybe you can see them and maybe you have been sheltered and not knowing that there are people out there who need countless prayers.

I am honestly not a too much of a troubled person or can we say problematic. Hopefully you have not taken that into account when you have read my other blog- and hopefully stopped by my poems and works on Wordpress.com. I am what one mental health care worker called "highly functioning."

I have no idea how the mental health care field works... I mean I am no expert but maybe it is something I can read up on...But I believe the mental health patients are categorized, in a spectrum so to say... or shall I say from least disturbed to greatest disturbed, then from least violent to most violent. We can also throw in to our spectrum how we perform in the community or are we like hermits?

Do you know how one with what could appear to be a mental disturbance is diagnosed? Mine was taken by an assessment out of a book... If I had certain characteristics of one of these Mental Illnesses or so called "brain malfunctions or chemical imbalances" the Doctor went through and took inventory to see if I had other symptoms in that Label or Disease. Now what happens if It takes having 4 out of the 5 listed symptoms in that LABEL or DISEASE and I only have 3??? Is my Mental Illness Diagnosis updated year to year? or every few years? What if I once had anxious thoughts and depression- and these 2 of the 3 that took me to get the Diagnosis of whatever the disease is now gone- what happens then? Do I have a different Diagnosis or Label?

I am thankful that Mental Illness is now considered part of an illness of the brain- like any other chronic disease one may have. This IS so great... Now people will look at us with more accepting stares! Right? Am I right? And those glares trying to figure out if they are safe or not to walk by people talking to themselves on the sidewalk...BUT you better believe you are... If these people have a history of mental illness and violence or thoughts of violence- they are well taken care of by medicines and they are probably thick into the system... SO please don't be scared... Also- We are not to judge, right? Sometimes ((okay- well most of the time)) I find it difficult not to judge- but with acknowledging and addressing this problem, hopefully it will get better!

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