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Day 30 - Earned My Free Week!

Monday, July 09, 2018

I'm super excited - I earned my free week at Barre! If you go to 12 classes in your first month you earn a free additional week! It kicked my butt, but I did it!

Barre has been going well - every week I see improvements to my form, my technique, my stamina, etc. I've decided I'll be signing up for a set of sessions, but I'm going to decrease the number of times per week I go from 3X to 2X. Going 3X a week has been stressful and since I go on the days that I don't have to work doubles it means that I'm not getting to do any of the other activities I enjoy, like walking in the woods or strength training workouts, because my only free days I'm already maxed out with the Barre classes. I do enjoy them though, and they do kick my butt, so I'm looking forward to continuing them while also adding in some other fun things around that schedule.

I didn't lose any weight in the last month, but I'm not surprised. My issue has always been with food, and I haven't made any significant changes with my food intake. I still go out to eat way too much and randomly eat snack foods for no reason. I need to get into the mindset that going out to eat should be a TREAT and not an every day option. For example, tomorrow I'm going to the movies with friends, which means we go to dinner before hand. That's fine - but that is a fun treat activity. What's not fine is then going out to eat for lunch 2-3X this week in addition to the dinner with friends just because I'm too lazy to pack food/cook food/or have a craving. I'm spending too much money and eating too much crap.

While I haven't lost any weight, I have gotten stronger! I spent a lot of the last week and a half doing a TON of things around my apartment that I never took the time to do in the 2 years I have been living there. Cleaning out closets, going through things for donations, re-organizing and re-arranging, super deep cleaning, etc. Normally in the past I could do some of that and would be sore and have to take frequent breaks and the next day I would feel blah and still sore. But I felt great, no soreness, and my energy was great. I felt GOOD. I also noticed that when I'm working my night job my feet and knee don't feel sore (retail job on my feet) anymore, and when I come home from either job instead of dropping all my stuff and just leaving it there, I actually unpack things and put them away where they belong and keep up with my dishes, etc.

I feel really good about the non-scale victories, but I can't wait to start seeing scale/clothing size victories! I'm ready to start the next phase: KITCHEN CHANGES!

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