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Friday, July 13, 2018

Today is the BIG DAY!! I get Hope, my new puppy! I'm over the moon excited for this! She'll be my service dog once she is trained and I can't wait! It's going to take a lot of hard work on both our parts, and a lot of play time too. I've been trying to think of all of the games we can learn to play other than fetch. Fetch is good, but she will need more stimuli than that. I'm watching videos of other service dogs and what they do 'off duty' and seen some fun stuff, I don't have a name for any of it, but hopefully my trainer will know what it is when I describe it to her.

Speaking of trainers, O is the best trainer I've seen in a long while. Anyone who could teach the family dog to 'down' in the first sitting, or 'stay' on the first try, is high up there in my books. He's a stubborn dog, very intelligent, to smart for his own good.

Woke up to knee pain. Was supposed to take something at midnight but woke up at almost 5 AM. No way I can sleep with this pain, so I'm going to chill here for a bit and see if I can't go back to sleep in a while. I left my cpap on... maybe I should go turn that off... No, I don't want to wake DH with the clacking of my crutches. I'm supposed to be able to get off of the crutches today, but I still can't put full pressure on my knee. It has collapsed on me the two times I did. I figured my actual knee would hurt, but the back of my knee and leg are what hurt. Like I didn't stretch it enough after an intense workout, but worse. It's not too bad, I can still get around with the crutches.

I can't take a shower till Saturday. Hooray for dry shampoo and wipes! I'm hoping my knee will be stronger by then. We have a tiny shower and not much room to maneuver in.

I didn't eat too well yesterday, so gotta be on top of it today. Not going to lose any weight while I can't work out if I don't eat right! I'm down to 228 from 270, so I'm doing good, but I need to keep that going! I had a two week plateau and that was so frustrating. That's 23 pounds since surgery, and in my book that is not enough. So I'm going to really crack down on what I'm eating. Portion sizes mostly. I don't have to worry about the shakes, but the actual food, I eat too much.

Any way, I'm so excited for today! I'm up so early I'll try to take a nap around 10. The breeder, M, is 2 hours away, so we'll leave around 1 PM to get there at 3 PM. I wish we could get there earlier, but that is as soon as she could get in with her vet. Pooey. I can't believe this day is finally here! I get to go meet my partner! I'm so excited and nervous. What if she doesn't like me? What if she takes to another family member instead of me? What if.... is filling my head! I'm trying to combat it, but having anxiety is really difficult. GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) sucks to have.

I'm off to try to slip back in bed, and if that doesn't work, coffee! If I can get downstairs without hurting my knee. I'll probably slide down on my bum. Not the most dignified way to go, but easiest on my knee, LOL

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