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2 Month-a-versary!!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Two months since my gastric bypass and I am happy to announce that I weigh 223.5 and am in a size 18 pants (skipped size 20 altogether!). To reach my 3 month goal, I should have lost 5 more pounds this month, at least. I'm not going to alter my goal though, I'm just going to strive to get as close to it as I possibly can. Don't alter the goal, alter what I am doing to reach the goal. I'll get into that in a minute, for now, my progress:

Start Weight: 270
Post Surgery Weight: 251
Current weight: 223.5
Total Loss: 46.5
Total Post Surgery Loss: 27.5

Start and Current:
Neck: 16.25 - 15
Upper Arm: 15 - 14.25
Waist: 54.5 - 46
Hips: 54 - 48.5
Upper Thigh: 27.25 - 25.5

Well, when you put it all together like that it sure looks better than it did on it's own!! Whew, I had a moment of "oh crap I really didn't get anything done did I?" Well, I did! And I'm going to make this next month rock!

What am I going to do differently?
Well, I had knee surgery, so I'm going to start walking on the treadmill 3 times a day again instead of trying to do it all at once and be where I was before surgery. Work my way up again. Do strength training 6 days a week, with Sunday off. Find things I can do with just my bodyweight and do those. Stretch.

With food, I'm going to focus on protein, if I'm not in ketosis anymore, get back in it. I've missed vegetables, but they are killing my weight loss. Protein shakes and small meals.

Sadly, I can't go to the parks and walk like I had planned to with my puppy, because Parvo is really bad around here. They suggest you don't go to the park till at least 16 weeks and several inoculations. I'm going to play it on the safe side. But I think staying at home most of the week has made her a little skittish so we are going to start taking daily or every other day trips to Petsmart, walk the whole store, just get one treat, and get some socialization in.

More to do, mini goals to set, plans that I need to make plans around, meals and get togethers that I need to have a plan of action for. Like DH is going to smoke some pork butts (wonderful BBQ) and I don't think I should have any, need to have a plan for when it comes in smelling all wonderful and yummy.

Pictures tomorrow, I'm too tired to get to them today, lol. Puppy been keeping me up.
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