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No car no problem

Sunday, July 29, 2018

That is my brother who at 30 refuses to buy a car. His reason is that a car gets you in trouble. 1. You have to spend thousands to get one 2. Thousands in this car on the maintenance 3. If for some reason one day you are distracted You will get in some sort of accident. Or you might be careful but others are not. Up to this point we clash all the time. But today he has taught me a valuable lesson. I started my journey a few months back to loose weight. By just walking or jogging outside. After a few months I hit a plateau. I decide to join a gym. Almost a month going and seeing change again. Him cheering on my change. But today as I am getting ready for the gym and feeling like I dont have time. He stops me and tells me to go a on walk/jog. I don't believe him. But we haed out. He takes buses to work. That takes him about 2 hours, i think. He says we are walking/jogging the route that he takes when he wants to sleep in a little. Well I am sitting here back from it. Almost 5 miles later. Thinking the sacrifice that he makes those days. I always thought it was easy for him. Well I feel so mush respect. Because it took me well over an hour for part of the route. He does it in 30 minutes. I am still speechless. Because he works so far away and I work 10 miles and take my car. I will make an effort to take my bike to work. As we have a trail that makes it easy for me most of the route. What a motivation.
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