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Sibley camping trip

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

It was a wonderful 5 fun-filled days of kayaking and hiking. And, a big thank you to my cousin Sarah for keeping the food healthy. She did a super job keeping us going in the right direction.
The first day we kayaked for three hours on beautiful lake Andrew. My cousin, husbandman and I went out on an adventure that led us almost to the opposite side of the lake. We figured we should head back when the wind picked up. With waves coming in over the kayaks we turned around. With much effort, we got turned around. For every inch forward I think we took two back. It was a good fight but the wind and waves lost. Soak and wet we made it back. It took us twice as long to get back, as it did when we left.
We had a wonderful time, with tired muscles we headed back to camp to relax around the fire and enjoy a good hot meal.
The second day took us on yet another adventure of hiking up to the top of MT. Tom
We made it to the top and what view.The wildflowers along the way were so beautiful. It was a joy to hike through the woods and the clearings made a great place to take a breath, the views were awesome. We even had plenty of wild raspberries to snack on the way.
Back at camp, we had a lunch of fruits, meat, cheese, and crackers. (WW). And, planning our next adventure, Which led us back to the lakes and portaging from one to the other. This was a new one for me and my Husbandman.
Henchien Lake was the smaller of the two and was able to get close to this momma Loon and her baby. After enjoying them we continued on to the Swan Lake on the way back we all decided to take the stream back to the pick up instead of carrying them through the woods back about half a mile. And, what a ride! We started out by having to get low in the kayak to make it under a tree that had fallen across the stream. The current was very fast moving so you had to be quick on where you needed to go. No time for miss haps here. Once we made it to the last bend, we all grabbed hold of the bank to discuss the fact of getting out now or going for it. Yes, we did, We went for it. My cousin Don was the first and overshot the landing and went through the culverts. I managed to stop my self on the culvert but, had to make a fast decision. The only thing stopping me was all those spider webs knowing there had to be a lot of spiders to go with them. ( I am petrified of them) With the current slowly tripping my kayak I had no choice, it was do or die, I got really low with my paddle inside with me, I let go of the culvert. It wasn't long and I was on the other side. Startling a fisherman in doing so. I survived the spiders. My husbandman managed to get out before the culverts. No worse for ware we loaded up and headed back to camp. The stories told around the campfire that night had us in laughter. The following day was a quiet one just taking it easy and enjoying the beauty around us. It was a wonderful experience.

The following day was our last and packed up for our journey homeward bound. It took us most of the morning to pack up. With one last stop up at MT. Tom for a good pic of us all. With goodbyes and well wishes of safe travels back home said, we headed for home. The memories we made will be shared around another campfire in another park. All while making new ones.
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