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Puppy Love

Friday, August 03, 2018

I'm so excited to say that Hope is doing great and is ahead of the curve because of extra training. The trainer, O, says that she is bonding really well with me, which just made my day.

Workout bonus, I'm to start going on two walks a day with her for 15-20 minutes each. That will make getting my daily steps in easier! And will take care of part of my cardio for the day, less time spent on the treadmill. But, she does not like going on walks because she is timid and the noises scare her. So it is going to be interesting trying to go as far from the house as the trainer wants us to go. Plus it is raining here and is supposed to for the next two weeks be constantly wet and sprinkly. She does not like the rain. She'll hop in the shower, but does not like the cold wet grass on her feet. So I'm going to get a rain jacket and we are going to figure out this whole walking in the rain thing! LOL.

Today she finally learned shake, this is a hard one to learn, and I've had no success all week, but the trainer got her to start doing it. Now it is up to me to keep it up and get it to where she does it without having to think about it. So we know almost all of the puppy commands! Just a few more to go, then a month or so of working on getting those really honed in and getting potty trained all the way, and we will start going out in public to work!

O talked to me about some of the things we will be doing soon, along with honing in on the puppy commands, and I'm super excited and nervous. Anxious because, can I really teach these things? Will she learn them from me? Always doubting myself. But I know she CAN do it, so why not do so for me? Together we can get it done!

So far she knows:

Sit (from standing and from Down)

Plus the potty training, the walks, the 'off', and 'quiet' and 'outside' and other little 'house commands' that come along with training. Need to get in a routine. I think our first walk will be as soon as we get home from car line in the morning. Break. Then train every hour on the hour for at least 5-10 minutes, unless out for the day. Tonight we are going to start on crate training I think, because I need sleep. We were up almost all last night and she is sleeping now and slept all morning after car line till the trainer got here. We trained twice this morning but it was a half-hearted attempt because she was so tired.

So, new routine. Walking, more training times. More play time since she will sleep at night hopefully, and be awake to play during the day. I think walk #2 will be around 4 or 5 so that school traffic will be gone, though rush hour traffic will be beginning. Hmmm.

I have a lot to think about when it comes to my routine and how we are going to get this all in, plus time to spend with the kiddos and hubby, dinner, all that jazz. But lucky for me I get to go spend like an hour and a half in car line to pick up my kids, so I have plenty of time to think. I have to be super early to the middle school in order to make it to the elementary school in time to get in line (close to the back of line) to get YDD. She doesn't like that she has to wait in car riders so long this year, but it can't be helped.

But, what a wonderful thing, to be so busy with my service dog in-training! I have dreamed of this for years. DH says that now it is my job to train her, and keep up the house. Hope is such a good dog. We have a lot going on, and my anxiety is really high right now, so Hope is under my feet right now, she already picks up on my anxiety and that is wonderful. Shows how she will be a good service dog. I could gush forever about her, but it is now time for car line, so I'm off to go hurry up and wait.

~Flea and Hope
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