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It's a Dawg Life, Stopping the Slide Down the Slippery Slope

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Good habits are important, Sparkers. You just don't think about your habits. You just do it and realize you did it later. If you can change on old habit that isn't so great to a new habit that is better, you are ahead of the game.

Today I looked at a habit that started slipping this week. Eating breakfast at home. I eat breakfast out when I have my Rotary meeting, but otherwise breakfast is food that I eat at home. That has been the rule for a very long time. Even when Dan wants Sunday brunch, I still eat a small breakfast at home.

Twice this week, I went and got a McPoison sandwich at McDonalds. A McPoison sandwich is more commonly known as a Sausage McMuffin with no egg. It is my food-kryptonite. I can't explain it either. It is one of those mysteries. Why is the sky blue? Why does the Dawg like McPoison sandwiches? It just is.

So why was I back to the McPoison, after having broken this habit long ago? Lazy. One morning I went back to sleep after my workout because I'd had a rough night. I was rushing to get to work on time for a conference call. The other morning... who knows? I can't even remember the reason I used to justify it. Shows you what a sham it was. Even I didn't believe myself.

Today I spent a lot of time paying attention to what I can eat for breakfast. My food allergies get in the way of breakfast and some days I just don't feel like the same old same old (chicken sausage, toast, vegetable.) I remembered my old friend, overnight oats. I made up a serving last night for today: oats, vanilla soy milk, scoop of protein powder, frozen strawberries, slivered almonds, and a sprinkling of unsweetened coconut flake. Add a cuppa tea and I came in at 469 calories and 37g protein.

Tomorrow I'm going to make an apple cinnamon quinoa bake. I'll pair it with some chicken sausage. Add my cuppa and it's 493 calories and 24g protein.

Eating breakfast at home. I think I stopped a slide down that slippery slope, Sparkers.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    808 days ago
    The brakes are on.... emoticon
    816 days ago
    McPoison. Love that! I think my sister is addicted to them. I've never had one, and don't plan to start. Sounds dangerous!
    816 days ago
    Good job, stopping the slide down the slippery slope. You've got this!
    817 days ago
    Good for you for taking a serious look at your eating habits. My kryptonite would be the whole FAT segment. When I eat foods with high fat counts I have to really pay attention to what and how much I eat because I could really, really do major damage. Nice graphic cause that is what would happen to me.
    817 days ago
    Good catch!
    818 days ago
    Great job you snipped it in a bud,
    good habits are treasures, and worth the effort keeping them up - so much easier than building new healthy habits from scratch.
    818 days ago
    Good catch!
    I enjoy my routine breakfasts. Keeps me from slipping up.
    818 days ago
    That quinoa bake sounds great. Will you share the recipe?
    818 days ago
    The crazy food/beverage habits will baffle the savants for all of their days. Why do I still reach for Skittles or Mike-N-Ikes when I'm not even hungry? I can say no to chocolate, chips, greasy food, but gimme something sour and sticky? Watch me cave like a sinkhole.

    I can say - successfully - that I actually got the 3.5 servings published out of the last box of Mike-N-Ikes. I'm taking that as a win!
    818 days ago
    Good catch! Tasty options you've prepared at home too. You've set yourself up for success. emoticon
    818 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Great graphic and great catch.
    818 days ago
    I LOVE the mcpoison sandwich, although I need mine with the egg. I also got out of that habit but have given in to that comfort feeling a time or two. I get it!

    I went for a run this morning at the Arboretum, near a Dunkin Donuts. Many times I stop there after a sweaty, hilly run but today I did not. I had whole-what pancakes, fruit and yogurt waiting at home!


    One healthy decision at a time! You are an inspiration!
    818 days ago
    I love that slippery slope picture! (which does lead into oblivion indeed) ... This week I had to analyze my week and could not figure for the life of me (when I had done so great LOL) ... why was it the scale went UP a pound to end a good streak. I patted myself on the back as I reflected on all the hard workouts, and suddenly ... emoticon a light came on to remind me of what I did last Sunday!! ... I forgot to thaw anything and mid afternoon was too tired to bother with figuring out what to fix. SO since Taco Bell is literally ONE minute away, we zoomed over there and I wolfed down a beefy burrito and a taco!!! emoticon Of course I know better---but kidded myself into thinking all the extra exercise would balance it out! (how wrong I was) ... Lesson learned. Back up the mountain again. emoticon I'm sure of it! emoticon
    818 days ago
    Good that you’re aware... and willing to correct the slide. Being willing is key here I think, we can’t just know intellectually what the changes need to be, we need to be willing to engage and DO what needs to be done... which is sometimes something a step further than just understanding. Kudos!
    818 days ago
    Dynamic graphic, there! Good for you for catching it. And yeah, I totally get those mysteries... we know it's bad for us, but we wants it, anyway! Which do we want more? Oh, yeah, our health! emoticon
    818 days ago
    We all have our slippery slopes we need to be wary of!keep up the good work
    818 days ago
    Well done.

    Once I buy potato chips the "first time" -- for whatever reason -- then it's so much easier to buy them the second time. And for sure they are MY kryptonite. Gahhhhhh!!!
    818 days ago
    YES YES YES. If I don't eat breakfast, it is just a bad omen for the rest of the day. good you are nipping this in the bud,
    818 days ago
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