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Motivation Where Are You?

Saturday, August 04, 2018

This has been a real crazy week for me and I have totally blown off all my workouts all week. I have tried to stay in my calorie range but my buddy Emotional Eating came to visit too many times this week and I totally gave in. By Wednesday I couldn't even bring myself to track my calories because I knew I was not going to like what I saw.
So where did I lose my Motivation? Why after all these weeks did I let myself slip up like this? I can't answer those questions. But what I can do is to get back on track. So that is what I am going to do.
Gaining weight is so easy, you sit around, don't have to do anything but eat and do your normal going to work and coming home too tired to even think straight to eat food that makes you feel better until the new cloths you bought when you lost weight are too small and the scales show a number you don't like.
Changing my lifestyle to fit in my work outs and keeping track of what I eat and weighing how much I eat seems so hard sometimes. I am working on thinking about food differently. Now when I see something I want to eat more of than I know I should. I think about those cloths in the closet that are too small right now and how I felt when I bought that size and they fit me. I think about how much better I felt about myself when I was almost to my goal weight and how much better I felt physically. Then I ask myself if eating whatever food is worth not feeling that way again and fitting into my too small cloths again. It is starting to work.
Now I just have to find a way of thinking to get back on track with my workouts. I know I will feel better if I do them but I still keep blowing them off. I am not a morning person and haven't been able to start morning workouts ever for more than a day or 2 but I use to be good about doing them after I get off work, now I just make excuses and stare at games on my computer or stare at TV because I feel too tired to even do 10 minutes.
So that is where I am at right now.
Hope Everyone Has an Awesome Day!!!!!
Thanks For Reading my Blog!!!!
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