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Very Rough Day

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Today was a Very Rough Day. I'm still not doing great. But I am trying. My anxiety is really bad and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. I've had several panic attacks, not enough sleep and am still having knee and tooth pain.Thank God I go to the dentist tomorrow! Don't know if I could handle much more of this!

I went to ortho today, which is down a very curvy road and driving is one of the things that causes my anxiety to get worse. Especially since I don't have a driver's side mirror, it came off when we hydroplaned and we have not had the extra money to replace it and insurance would not cover it. Learned that I have very bad arthritis in my knee and the ortho doc wants to do injections, but they must be approved my insurance first. So I'm just going to have to deal until then.

Then O, the trainer came over, I let her know I was not having a good day. We learned 3 new things today, and will video chat on Friday to see how we are doing. We didn't do much reinforcement this afternoon because I was doing so bad, I took two naps with the pup, and she actually slept some tonight. She learned nudge, watch me, and we went from leave it with a treat to playing with a toy and then leaving it. All these that she is learning are just the first stages, most will be built on to learn more advanced commands when she is older.

So I'm going to start walking again, I had stopped at the beginning of the week because my knee hurts so much. But, I have to keep going, I can't let arthritis stop me.

I've lost down to 216, yay! Smallest I've been in 7 years! Friday is my follow up with the bariatric surgeon and I hope he is happy with my weight too. I have not done great, but I've done the best that I could at the time. I'm really cracking down on my eating because I have a great motivator! I want to lose as much as I can between now and Thanksgiving! Because then we go see Grandma and the Aunts and I can't wait to surprise them with how much I have lost. I want it to be a totally WOW kinda moment.


LOL!! The other dog, Pickles woke up and every time he tried to go back upstairs to go to sleep, Hope followed him. So I call her and he comes too. So we just had a training session at 1 in the morning with both dogs and it went great! I finally had to put Hope on a leash so she wouldn't go upstairs, she didn't come and instead went and woke my YDD up!! She did finally come but YDD was up already. So Pickles just snuck upstairs while she was preoccupied with a pig's ear.

ODD had band tryouts Tuesday and got all good marks, so she got to have her pick of instruments. She chose the trumpet.

So she practiced for the first time today, in the basement so the sound wouldn't make my headache worse, but she could still hear herself really good. This is Pickles staring at the door wondering what the heck is going on:

I could not get a picture of him tilting his head at it, I swear I've never seen a dog tilt their head so far! He was so confused! But she did great, all they are trying to do right now is get the instruments to make sound, and that she did. DH played the trumpet and a number of other brass instruments so he was helping her to practice.

I am still wide awake from the pain and then the training of the dogs, they did so good! Pickles... well he is Pickles and he acts dumb when it is time to train. He is a very smart dog, and I know he could do it, but he just looks at me like, "what?" every time I try to get him to do a new command. He knows sit, down, from down to sit, and from down to up-up. Trying to teach him shake and nudge, but he just sits there like a bump on a lump, lol. I said I would train him along with Hope as long as they get along and he is willing to learn. I think I reached the end of his willing to learn. I'm going to keep trying though, maybe he just needs repetition.

Well, I guess I'd better find something to do, I'm awake thanks to this tooth pain, but will hopefully get sleepy enough that I can sleep through it. I'll probably just sleep on the couch so I don't wake DH again. We slept in the bed for about an hour, and when I say slept I mean that Hope slept and I laid there in pain. But it was nice to be in bed instead of on the couch!

Hope you have a wonderful night's sleep! And a Spark*tastic day!

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