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Baby Steps

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Okay, so it is the beginning of a new week, and the beginning of a new try for me. And for my puppy, Hope.

I'm starting over with Baby Steps. And with an Anti-Procrastination Motto. I procrastinate a lot, and I've got to quit. With Fly Lady you have an anti-procrastination day (Wednesday), but I need that to be every day now. If anything I'm feeling the crunch of needing to get results from a number of areas in my life:

1. Weight Loss: I could have lost so much more weight than I have but I have been dealing with my knee, my emotional eating, food cravings, tooth pain, and a few other things. Now I need to have my hernia out, and I'd like to do it this year while I've met my deductible. But I don't know if I've lost enough weight for him to okay it. So I've got to lose as much as I can in order for him to okay the surgery. I can't work on my core till this is done, that will just make the hernia bigger. And that brings me to -

2. Eating: I've been eating more actual food than I should, I'm supposed to be drinking at least one shake a day. I've been losing track of when I last ate and either skipping meals or actually eating an extra meal. Not good. So I'm going to either find my food diary or start one on the computer to keep track. I'm also going to go to two shakes a day, sometimes three. Financially we can't afford much food this payday, Murphy's Law hit us hard (If it can go wrong, it will go wrong). So that leads me to -

3. Exercise: I have been neglecting this badly. I'm going to start with walking my pup around the cul de sac, and when I say walking, I mean carrying her. She is afraid of the noises in the neighborhood right now, just a puppy phase, we'll get her out of it. I found two videos on Blueprint that I want to try, one is dancing (salsa and cha cha) the other is Tai Chi. Then get on the treadmill for a while, however long I feel like doing. I do Blogilates (youtube) for strength training and I can only do legs and arms right now, till I get this hernia taken out. I've got the arms video picked out just need to look at legs today and will alternate doing those.

4. Training Hope: You'd think I'd be doing great on that, and I'm doing okay, but I need to squeeze in more training and get it on a schedule. We are sporadic right now and I sometimes forget to train on certain things, gotta be more routine about it. Taking her outside so she gets the picture that outside is where she needs to go. Last night she did what my dog Bear used to do, just sit in front of the door and stare at it. She likes going out at night when it is more quiet, but then the grass is wet with dew.

I think those are the four areas I need to work on the most. So I'm starting with Baby Steps, working my way up to where I want to be.

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