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Too Many Clothes

Monday, August 27, 2018

Yesterday I began the process of clearing my closet of summer whites and pastels.

And summer white shoes.

Anything I had not worn this summer? Went into bags for the thrift store.

Anything I had not worn with pleasure this summer? Including anything that pinched at the waist or just felt too loose or to tight anywhere on my body. And including some leather jackets that I just really didn't like. Went into bags for the thrift store.

Three large bags, stuffed.

Including shoes I had NEVER worn at all. Because I "thought" they were comfortable at the store: but they were not (particularly after last summer's broken foot . . . ).

OK then. My closet has "fall cottons" (darker, less filmy, heavier weight) and fall shoes neatly arranged.

Feels good.

And I've been thinking about how I've overindulged in clothing. In part because it's helped me maintain. But also in part because: truly, I never had remotely enough clothing as a child, and I've been "over compensating".

My closet has been bloated to the point of obesity. And there's still more work to be done!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have been cleaning out my mother's home recently to get it ready for sale. She did an excellent job of keeping everything clean and organized. Makes me want to do a better job with my own environment. We took her beautiful clothing to a retirement home where many of the people were Medicaid recipients. Caused a lot of excitement and mother would have been pleased. I think she had 50 pairs of shoes still organized by season and stored in boxes. I never realized she was such a shopper, but she always looked great. Two walk-in closets and more. Now other women can feel like they look great too in their later years.
    575 days ago
    I did something similar earlier in the season. It felt great!
    579 days ago
    Oh I know t hat feeling!!! I once took 3 huge bags of clothes to the goodwill and swore it would never get that bad again. I know all the reasons I have too many clothes: Might lose weight. Might gain weight. Too lazy to look in the attic for the white turtleneck (S), had to wear a uniform in high school.

    None of them reflect on the parts of me I admire - instead they're a mirror for my embarrassments. A little more self love and pride might prompt a better organized closet - eh?

    I won't do the big swap till October but I swear - if I didn't wear it this summer I am getting rid of it.
    580 days ago
    Good for you! Is it really time to swap the summer for fall clothes??? How can it be almost September already? I don't have too many clothes, I am not particularly interested in clothes. But still I don't wear all of what I have. I get into a particular few things for a season, and just repeat those a lot, forgetting about the others. The next year, it'll be a different few.
    580 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Great work! Letting go can be difficult. Mens wardrobes are so much easier. Transitioning to fall .... this week we are having a heat wave,(35°C today with high humidity) so we are trying to stay cool.
    580 days ago
    I had the same problem when I was growing up. Over the past few years I've started using clothes as a reward and as a way to feel good about the way I look. I've purged my closet twice in the last year. It is actually quite liberating!
    580 days ago
    I am impressed that you took on the task and got it done. My sister and I just had the emotionally wrenching and difficult task of going through our mother's clothing after she died. She had plenty of money for things like clothes, enjoyed shopping and loved to get and wear new things, following fashion trends for older ladies. She bought high quality, expensive things. And in her older years, she Never.Got.Rid.Of.Anything. I can't begin to guess how many pieces of clothing she had - shirts, blouses, plants, dresses, skirts, suits, socks, shoes, handbags, scarves, etc., etc., etc. There were easily five or six hundred items to go through. It took forever.

    I hope I can be more like you, and clear out clothing on a regular basis, so my children don't have to go through what my sister and I did, when I die.
    580 days ago
    That is exactly what I will be doing in a few weeks!!!! We'll be out in Yakima and I intend to go through our storage unit - open each box of clothing and keep only favorites, items I love, things that fit. (Plus repack grouping items, not capsule wardrobes.)

    Because yes, I've bought clothes to compensate for being the second girl, and growing up with only hand-me-down clothes. In colors that are not suited to my complexion, so that I spent years with people asking me if I felt okay - because apparently I look seasick in olive greens.

    So yes, I totally understand!!! And, well, there are worse things than too much clothing - but still, overdoing it is overdoing it.

    580 days ago
    Good on you releasing what didn't suit you or fit you. I too, need to do a cleaning after realizing how much I had stuffed into that little closet.
    I actually got hand me downs from both my sister and brother, both older than me by 2 and 4 years meaning the clothes were large on me as I was very thin and they were on the heavier side. I thought their clothing cool and didn't mind at all.
    Today, my wardrobe isn't good for weight maintenance as its a struggle with a very painful arm and shoulder, I can no longer wear form fitting clothes, I simply can't get my arm into them. I go without a bra most of the time as that is beyond a struggle. I can get away with it in casual company like the club by wearing a vest to hide it, but not so much dealing with the health professionals. As a result my wardrobe is large, loose fitting T's and pull up pants. Avoiding buttons where possible. This is why I am getting rid of some of my favorite shirts is that I can't deal with their snugness. I really can't see wearing my really nice clothes and dress pants with the fussy snaps and buttons again. The shoulder needs replacement but they can't do it because I already have an elbow replacement and they can't put two anchor stems in the same bone. More adjustments to my condition and fortunate most of my life is all about casual.
    580 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder! I must get started again! emoticon
    580 days ago
    Oh what a geat analogy and incentive to cull the closet!!!
    580 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    580 days ago
    I over compensated with … jewelry, socks and makeup. Since I refused to buy "big" size clothes.

    I am de-cluttering as well.
    580 days ago
    Yep, culling the clothing is an on-going process. Thank goodness Goodwill is nearby.

    580 days ago
    Yes, I can relate. When I first met goal weight I shopped and shopped. And I have too many clothes now, too. Some are just hard to get rid of. Memories. Or maybe I still will wear it.

    I find clothing motivating. Say there is a race I'm not certain I want to run. Buy a new outfit! I say, "if I'm not fast at least I'm looking good." This especially works for Senior Games where age is a given. I got really interested in square dance clothing. Now I have way too many. Dancers saw me at the consignment shop and brought me some lovely outfits. Square dancers are getting less and less formal, so the traditional garb is not really needed so much. I've decided I am going to politely turn down any more.

    I feel like I lucked out when I first met goal and re-defined my look for living at goal weight. Now those clothes are wearing out (some wore out quite a while ago) and often I can't find replacements I like as much. Is it because I don't like my aging look in the mirror as much? Perhaps. Maybe I'm just being grouchy. OK. New attitude. I honestly do feel very blessed to be able to buy the clothing I really want. As a kid, mom made my clothing. She worked hard, but much of it was not flattering even if well sewn.

    So thanks for making me think about clothing. Perhaps it is time for me to get rid of some, too.
    580 days ago
    My fat closet has lost a lot of weight recently. Ridding myself of the "fat clothes" - never going to need them again and the things I just don't like. Reintroducing many of those things I used to wear and viola' I have a new wardrobe. Just a few more things that I love and going to have them altered to refit by new/old frame. Alas, still a few things that are snug. Those I am in a quandary about. Will 3 more pounds get me into them?
    580 days ago
    A well done satisfying job. You gave me the giggles with the closet being to the point of obesity emoticon
    580 days ago
    Yes, I grew up with hand me downs and home sewn clothes as well, now I have a minimalist closet. Part of the getting rid of "stuff" mantra that I follow, less is more.
    580 days ago
    You are my hero! I've done quite a bit of clearing out, but wow, you set the standard. Ruthless! And what a good feeling to haul out those bags of beautiful clothes and shoes that will delight others when they find them at the thrift store.
    580 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    emoticon I truly do understand this.
    581 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949

    The concept of seasonal clothes seems strange here in Central Texas.
    581 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/27/2018 9:44:42 AM
    I won't even go into my closets of clothes. Not that much buying anymore, but truly the fun thing that I always enjoyed.
    581 days ago
    Funny how the return of slightly cooler weather, the start of the school year, and the approach of Labour Day (honoring the UK spelling) bring on the desire to organize and clear. That has to be part of my current Rocky the House-cleaning Squirrel activity! emoticon emoticon
    581 days ago
    Good job!
    I'm a "low maintenance" gal when it comes to clothes. Jeans. T shirts. Sneakers. Work pants were basic black, blue.
    But oh, the bling or designs on those shirts!
    581 days ago
    I hear you...I was the second child so always got the hand-me-downs. I'll never forget how happy I was when I got my first dress just for me! I have lots of work clothes (jackets and such) in my closet that I'll not likely wear again. Time to go through those and get rid of them. Most of my things have been purged, except for that sort of thing. It's definitely time!
    581 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    581 days ago
  • no profile photo IDAEVE
    You did a great job! Kudos to you! You have inspired me to join you in this. emoticon
    581 days ago
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