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Why I cry when I exercise

Sunday, September 09, 2018

You may think you already know why I cry when I exercise. You may be right, or maybe there are different reasons besides that I am sick of getting into my workout clothes, working my guts off and forcing my body into unnatural contortions that are better off left to the imagination.
I am no stranger to pain, in fact you’d think we were good friends and much as it visits. I have been hit, kicked, bitten, punched, slapped, smacked, peed on, pooped on, had a chunk of my hair pulled right out of its’ roots! (no I wasn’t a pre-school teacher) and just about every manner of indignity that one can encounter. (I know, it sounds like motherhood too!) I worked in Psych for 16 years in Mental Health Hospitals. I may not have seen it all, but I have seen a LOT! All of this is to say, that when I exercise, I don’t intend to have to deal with pain! And yet it is fascinating to me just how much of a pain exercising can be and how much I hurt when exercising at times. One of my yoga instructors says, “No pain in yoga, just a gentle discomfort.” I try to follow that advice in all my exercise endeavors too, but sometimes, I still feel pain.
As I think about it, I have cried many times over the years while exercising and they all have been for pretty much different reasons. Once I was in a community aerobics class and broke the side bone (I know, technical term) of my left foot. I didn’t even notice it until I woke up the next morning and tried to get out of bed and fell on my face because I couldn’t walk! Mama!!! A surgery later and I kept the bone in my freezer for years to remind me what aerobics can do to you!
I have pulled so many muscles it’s a wonder they have been able to stay together all these years, by all rights they should be dipped in BBQ sauce and placed in a bun. I have a heating sock filled with beans I keep by my bedside for incidents like pulled muscles, so I can help relieve the pain. I have to be careful though, if I use it at night after all my calories have been gobbled up, the beans can smell really good when heated in the sock in the microwave, just sayin’.
I have one ankle that was bone on bone and had to be fused a few years ago. It has never healed right and has caused me a lot of pain over the years, thus I exercise from a chair or in my pooloo. Yes, you will see that I go to concerts and dance for a couple hours at a time, which usually involves a couple of beers, my cane and a lot of rest and Ibuprofen the next morning. “You have to pay the fiddler”, and boy do I, It’s called priorities!
I have to admit that I have cried during exercise at times out of frustration. The scale wasn’t my friend that morning or the hour was too early. I’ve cried because I was happy to be able to even move at all after reading some of the stories on Spark People about others who are dealing with exercise with disease, or worse health problems that make mine pale in comparison. People who struggle to walk or others who exercise from a wheel chair or even from their beds. I cry because I am able to exercise in a chair, in my kitchen or in my beloved pooloo and have the flexibility and mobility that I do.
Sometimes I cry because I am watching Richard Simmons exercise videos and he says such supportive and powerful things, I am getting goose bumps jut writing this. He is so inspiring that when I exercise to one of his certain videos, he touches my heart so much it spills right out of my eyes! I actually took the time one day after I had exercised to one of his videos that I played it again and stopped it every time he said something encouraging and I wrote it down. Here are a few of the things he says:
“You’re becoming mighty! You’ll feel like Mighty Man, or Mighty Woman! ChaCha your way to better health! Look I’m sweatin’ you can sweat too! Just keep trying that’s all. I’m gonna give you a fever! A Star is born! You were born to be the best! I’m glad you’re here, it’s good to be alive! You look so beautiful my Disco Dolls! MOVE IT!!! I grew strong, you will survive, I promise you this, you will survive! You’ll do it, you’ll survive just like us! I used to cry, you thought I’d crumble, not me! I’ve got all my life to live and so do you! Give me strength! You’ll be brand new, you’ll be just fine. You thought I’d crumble, oh no not I, and not you! I will survive, you’ll survive. And you have all your life to live, you’ll survive, I KNOWYOU WILL! I’ll always love ya.”
Words of encouragement are so powerful because no matter who you are or how strong you think you are or how much you “think you got this” when someone is supportive of your efforts, doesn’t it just make all the difference in the world? Sometimes when I am exercising and TLW walks by and says “Proud of you” it just makes me want to stay on that chair all day and exercise my heart out! Sometimes it does bring a little tear to my eye too.
So you see? I do cry when I exercise for a myriad of reasons. And don’t even get me started on Yoga, those of you who do Yoga, I don’t need to explain. Suffice to say, one of the very first Yoga classes I ever took, the teacher had to bring me a box of tissues because ….well you know.
Anyhow, it’s about time for me to go “Glisten” as I like to call it. Always remember: Horses sweat, men perspire and women glisten! And don’t feel badly if you cry when you exercise. I’m right there with you.
Until next time, Peace out!

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  • HEAT730
    Thank you for recommending me to read this post. It too brought a small tear to my eyes. emoticon
    534 days ago
    I love your struggle and your fearlessness. Try swimming and bikes to reduce bone stress. Many women have brittle bones due to lack of vitamin D, try 15 minutes of sunshine a day.
    591 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Keep doing You!
    697 days ago
    I love your humor and your style! Richard Simmons is inspirational for sure! Crying can be a good thing, let it out!
    699 days ago
    I'm glad you are really determined to get your exercise in. It really helps - so important to getting healthy and staying that way. Cry all you want to. LOL
    699 days ago
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