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My Thoughts This AM Organizing/Resetting

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Super early Good Morning! I got up at 4 with my body and mind saying "it's time to get up!" I'm feeling so much better today! I think the stomach virus is completely gone, my incision site has finally stopped hurting so much (was doing better yesterday but I was too busy to notice much) the only things giving me problems now are my knee and my hernia. Hernia I have to wait on till the end of October, and knee I just need to make an appointment (and keep it) with the ortho doctor to get on this new shot and see how it works.

So I'm using this organization website, don't know if we are allowed to post those kinds of things so I won't say which one, but I LOVE it! Don't get me wrong, I don't get everything done every day, especially not this week, but it allows you to move tasks to the next assigned day, or keep them as overdue so you see it the next day. Plus, you can make repeating, or non-repeating tasks or projects, add notes, add steps, it's great! It's really helped me a lot with staying focused on what needs to get done, and now that I'm feeling better, my goal is to complete a day's tasks on that day for a week solid. Not today, today is a catch up day. If I can get today's goals/tasks done that is great, but I'm not going to push myself, I know I'm still recovering and I have two sick kids to take care of. But tomorrow, hopefully I'll be able to get more done, and more the next day. It's a process. The more I take care of the easier the house will be to maintain.

I also use the site for general, daily self care. It can send reminders to your phone, so I have it remind me to take my meds, take a shower, that kind of thing.

I'm making time for projects for me to do as well. I've not been doing my self-care as I should. I was taking hot baths with lavender, but can't because of the incision site right now, so I haven't really been doing any self-care other than the daily general take meds, get dressed, e. I'm going to divide my days into two, morning and afternoon (till I pick up the kids). Mornings will be for cleaning and decluttering and Bible reading (doing the Bible in a year with a friend) so that I can chat throughout the morning with my friend about what we read that day (she's in another state). After lunch will be for me, sure there is less time between lunch and when I pick up the kids, but unless I take on a big project that needs more time, right now the house is my big project. When I say self-care, in this context, it means doing things that keep me taking care of me. I'll sew, crochet, paint (paint-by-number), draw, color, bake... things like that. When it comes to more urgent things (like having a panic attack) I have other, more immediate things I do.

I had gastric bypass surgery in May. This is not news, I've been really open about my surgery. I've lost 50-something pounds (need to weigh today). I've not been sticking to my plan though and I think I've already stretched my pouch. Pooey. Not bad, just eating a little more than I should, eating some things I should not yet... So I'm going to do a pouch reset, get back in my limits, reread my materials and start over with what I'm letting myself eat and drink. I never thought I'd miss soda so much! I'm not going to give up coffee though, I know it is extra calories I don't need, but I think of it as my morning joy. I've been drinking it since I was 15 and unless the doctor says I just have to stop coffee, I'm going to keep it. Maybe not during the pouch reset, especially if I keep waking up as wonderfully as I did this morning, but surely after. I usually only have one cup, so it's not like I'm drinking a pot a day. I think I'll start the pouch reset today. No time like the present!

I've not been working out (obviously), but am going to start walking today. I see my surgeon on Friday so I can see when I'm clear to start doing strength training again. I totally forgot that I have SP premium, so I'm going to start getting up just a little bit earlier and doing that... Hmmm. I need to fit my workout in my day somewhere. Must think on that. I don't want to get up any earlier than I am and I have to supervise my kids still when getting ready for school or they forget things like water, lunch, you know, the basics, LOL. Maybe I can take my laptop into the dining room and do SP while supervising. I need a checklist for them, LOL.

So that's my thoughts this morning, mainly I'm thinking on getting my day organized and getting the house in shape. Getting me in shape too. I want to start doing this yoga video I used to do for anxiety, it is so relaxing and really helped me to go to sleep. I think I'll start that today too.

Hope you have a Spark*tastic Day!
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