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Lost 4 more pounds!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

So excited! I'm down to 193!!! I'm close to my next goal of 185! Then I'll be where I was at back 8 years ago, oh my goodness, I can't believe it! Then to push forward to my next goal, a bigger one this time, of 150. Ultimate goal of 130 and from there, I'll see where my body is comfortable at. I weighed this morning, so I'll do my measurement tonight, I know I should do them in the morning, but I need DH home to help me to make sure I get the measurements in the same place as the last time. I haven't done measurements or pictures in 3 months, so this should be a more dramatic change to see in the numbers and picture.

Please remember, I've have gastric bypass surgery and that is why my change is so dramatic. It's at a cost. There are some foods that, if I know what is good for me, I can never have again. And I'll usually realize it, mourn it for a moment and then go, wait a minute, it's only food. It could have been my life. Yes, I was at the point where, with my health and weight (diabetes, high blood pressure... ALL manner of things health-wise were going wrong) that the doc said if I didn't lose weight and do it quickly, I was going to die. As in soon. I thought long and hard and did a lot of research, prayer, and talking it over with my DH (who had years ago when I weighed less said he would support me getting the surgery) and we decided to go ahead with it. Have I regretted it? On occasion, but not for long, only when wistfully thinking about a food I would love to have, then I think of the conversation with my doctor and hearing those words. No regrets here.

It is a tool. And like all tools, you have to use it, follow instructions, and pay attention to what you are doing. And I'm not saying I do it perfectly by any means!! I probably could have lost an additional 20 pounds by now if I had stuck strictly to it. I have had cheat bites and drinks, like I'm having now, a latte. But not often. Just enough to keep me from feeling like I'm depriving myself. But I listen to my body. When my body said no to a BBQ sauce that I love, I have not had it since, or any BBQ sauce for that matter. I've watched a lot of videos on Youtube about bariatric surgeries, successes and failures, and most often the people who don't lose the weight, or have weight gain are the ones that don't follow what you are supposed to do. Now I'm not saying that is the case every time, there are exceptions!

Whoa! Just realized I'm 23 pounds away from being at 100 pounds lost!! Yes, I made it all the way up to 270 before my surgery. I'm 5'1, That is rather short. My 12 year old is 1/2 an inch taller than me and has already got bigger feet than me! And I was rather petite before gaining all the weight. I weighed 130 or a little below. Then I had kids. LOL. But that is an extra 140 pounds, an entire person worth of extra weight, on my small frame!!

I've had so much fun the past few days pulling clothes out of bags that have been sealed tight and packed away with my old clothes and some clothes a friend gave me of the next size down and trying them on and them fitting! I tried on an old jacket last night, thinking of how cold it has been in the morning and was so surprised when it fit!! Like buttoned nicely and everything! Wow! So today I'm going to get all of my old sweaters and cardigans out and try them on and see what fits. It's that time of year to get them out anyway, so why not!?

And such a sweet thing, my youngest daughter came up the stairs to say something to me, I had my back turned and heard her exclaim something. Asked what she said and she she repeated, "Holy moly you're getting skinny, that shirt is so huge on you!" Made my day. Both my girls ask constantly if my hugs are still going to feel like my hugs when I lose all the weight. I tell them I'll still be me, so I imagine they will.

I've gone through my closet, have a huge bag, possibly two (I've not bagged them yet they are still a pile on the floor) of clothes to donate. And most of my wardrobe is still 3X or 2X, I'm in a plain ol' XL right now for shirts and size 16 pants. Putting on those size 16's and realizing I had some room in them felt wonderful! I had enough clothes in the bags I had in my closet to possibly make it for a few months, I may need to get a few more shirts, but after today I'll have enough cardigans and sweaters to last all winter, though my heavy coat will be way too big for me. That is something that DH would turn to me and say, "smile when you say that!" LOL

Hope you have a Spark*tastic day!!

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  • no profile photo CD14651201
    482 days ago
    Love your attitude! Congrats on your continued success! You are working hard and it is showing.
    486 days ago
    Great work! Glad to hear that you are doing well! Now you can keep up to your beautiful puppy!
    487 days ago
    I am so happy for you! What a wonderful blog. Considering the alternatives you were given you made the right choice. Woo Hoo you!
    488 days ago
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