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My Adventures in Spark Land...day 85 of 365 days...week 13 checking on my progress.

Friday, October 26, 2018

When I started Spark People I read these words over and over:


I grew up with a family that thought everyone was just like them. Ate like them, believed like them, thought like them, etc. If someone was different they were wrong. So in my little unchanging world, how was I to make a lifestyle change? My world was so small and narrow minded. I read blogs, I've wrote blogs, I've read what people on Face Book are doing, I've read books, I've watched TV, I've surfed Pinterest. I found a pin entitled 52 Healthy Habits. On my birthday 13 weeks ago today I decided to work with this pin and add a healthy habit a week. Today is week 13 and it's entitled 3 month check in. So I will be sharing today in my blog how I am doing on the 12 healthy habits I've added so far.

emoticon Week 1-water...I've been told to drink until your pee is clear. I've been told 64 oz a day. Well my pee is clear. I pee all the time. I've checked with my doctor and she told me to cut back on the water intake. I talked with my HMO about switching doctors and they think my doctor is fine for now. So I am going to say I am drinking enough water!
emoticon Week 2-breakfast...I am eating breakfast
emoticon Week 3-Veggie intake...The author suggested 7-9. I have been keeping track with spark challenge. My self challenge is 2 a day. I flex between 2 and 5. I think one day I did get up to 6 or 7! I did read a cup of raw veggies=1 serving and 1/2 cup of cooked veggies=1 serving. The other day I was giggling. As a kid I loved raw peas but hated veggie! Here I was eating raw pea pods which counts as a veggie! I do like raw veggies and find they are good with lunch. I like squash and baked potatoes also! I am getting there!
emoticon Week 4-Healthy carbs...I have switched to 100% whole wheat buns when available and bread and brown rice. I am still doing floured soft shell and white pasta.
emoticon Week 5-Healthy fats...yes I am eating healthy fats.
emoticon Week 6-Omega 3-I found a Omega 3 snack mix at Walmart I am trying to eat daily over other snacks.
emoticon Week 7-Create and stick to your meal plan...yes!
emoticon Week 8-How and what to meal plan...yes!
emoticon Week 9-Prioritize protein...I am unsure if I do get enough protein.
emoticon Week 10-Pack a healthy lunch...I am now beginning to use their lunch suggestions. I used guacamole this week as a spread on a soft shell with deli meat, cheese, and lettuce. I was shocked I liked it. Then I had raw veggies with it!
emoticon Week 11-Schedule your workouts...yes!
emoticon Week 12-Sleep...working on it but when I do sleep I get 7 hours.

emoticon emoticon I don't normally look ahead. I know there are 52 weeks. So my next check in, and I am going to assume there will be,...I will blog on how I am doing from week 14 on except how I am doing with the veggies, protein, and maybe the sleep because I haven't mastered those 3 quit yet!

I love reading blog where people start out wanting to get healthy on their birthday and blog daily what they do but those people all quit. I started out on my birthday thinking I would blog daily on how I am doing daily with the health habits I am adding that week. I had a few people tell me to blog once a week sharing how my healthy habit went that week and telling about the next healthy habit I am adding. So I got the hint, my daily updates were boring. I personally am unsure what the focus on my blogs will be Saturday to Thursday yet. I am going to keep blogging Fridays about each healthy habit I am adding that week.

Thank you for reading my blog. Count down to Christmas starts today on Hallmark. Keep Sparkling!
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